Level 80 and only 4 Galactic War victories?

I must be doing something wrong. I have 7 7-star characters, and many, many other assorted characters of varying strengths, but I have not been able to put a dent in Galactic war in months! Sometimes, I get absolutely destroyed by a zeta rebel team on the first node. did I muck something up to get punished like this? What characters should I be focusing on that may make the difference?


  • Waqui
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    I went the old—school rebel route (Wiggs, Boba, ST Han, Lando) on an old account I picked up after a 14 month break. GW was an adequate challenge. I was using f.ex. JC, FOTP, Vader and EP as replacements on the way through GW. It worked well. Shortly after hitting 85 I noticed how the difficulty began declining as my roster developed further.

    Wedge, Biggs and Boba are the three main characters, which I keep on the team for all 12 nodes. On the first 4—5 nodes I switch the replacement toons in and out to load their TM. On the harder nodes I will then have plenty of toons ready.
  • Darthpedro
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    Do you have a swgoh.gg account if not you should create one and get it synced up and post a link so we can see what you are working with and give you some advice. Generally the real challenge shouldn't start until node 6
  • How do I sync up the account Darthpedro?
  • Just go on swgoh.gg and follow the instructions. Once you upload we can help but on one hand I can’t fathom you being level 80 with only 4 galactic war victories
  • https://swgoh.gg/u/tyriune/
    I have synced the collection.
  • Proof of my inadequacy,
  • Salatious_Scrum
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    So number one problem I see is that you’ve spread yourself really thin. You have invested in characters that are useless for you as of now (or just useless in general).

    Because you’ve spread yourself so thinly your squads are seriously underdeveloped for your level. So you will have to live with not doing so well until you can get your squads up to par.

    If I were you I’d focus on getting a full rebel squad and power them up ASAP. Mace Windu is terrible so don’t even bother with him. Same can be said for Ahsoka Tano. Get Lando, Stormtrooper Han, Luke, Ackbar in a squad. You might need to put boba in there as a place holder since you don’t really have anything else. You need to get Old Ben, he’ll help you out a lot. Eventually you will also want to get Leia too. Stop working on all the other characters you have until you have a strong main squad. If you do well enough in squad arena with the new squad, you will get more rewards that you can use to power them up.


    Heres what my characters look like. Some I haven’t touched since level 80.

    Edit: Not having a good squad(s) developed means it will be a struggle at your level. Only when you have good enough squads will you clear galactic war. It took a while for me but now I’m pretty close to 150. Keep it up.
  • Zeta on node one? Proof! I don't believe it.
  • Waqui
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    1. Player level 81 — main character level much lower. Needs fixibg.

    2. Your best mods are not on your main characters:


    GW is fine. Fix your strategy/prorities
  • Thank you Salatious_Scrum, I appreciate the insight. I will also rearrange my mods as Waqui has suggested. Cheers!
  • Naraic
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    It's worth noting as well that galactic war is turned to have several nodes 25% stronger (galactic power) than your strongest 5 characters.

    Of your strongest 10 I would say you have 3 characters that are good in an appropriate team and they wouldn't all synergise with each other.

    One piece of advice I give to newer people if your 10 strongest characters cant make one well synergised team galactic war is supposed to be impossible.
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