Do you support the developers decision to nerf expose?



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    I'm sure anyone who has seen me on here before already knows how I feel about this.

    First off, they're just not leaving any space for actual planning strategy in the Sith Raid. You can't debuff them, you can't do any considerable amount of damage no matter who you play, you can't reduce TM, etc. Your ONE and ONLY option is to just put in as many high-damage teams as possible and just mindlessly smash everything you have against the boss. If your guild has enough damage overall to kill it, you win. If you don't....

    There is no room for thinking in the Sith raid. You do it exactly the way that the devs want you to, any other strategy is wrong and you are not allowed to do it.

    Also, this is clearly an example of the player-base figuring out a raid before the devs wanted us to. STHan should, by all reasonable measures, be allowed to create an infinite loop in the Sith raid. His ability gives turn-meter on damage, and he is constantly getting damaged. That is the basic nature of it.

    But, as has become the usual for the devs, they broke their own rule. Just like with how the 'cannot be revived' rule for things like DT and DN was broken by Zombie, now the 'TM on damage' rule is broken by Sith Raid. His ability still states 'all other allies gain 20% turn meter when Han is damaged while his taunt is active'. That should, by the letter of the ability, work when he is damaged by Traya. But nope, that doesn't work now. Why?
    because we said so shut up.

    Secondly, and onto the main subject of this thread, the Expose nerf is like trying to kill a fly with a sledgehammer. Sure, you might kill the fly, but you're also destroying everything around it and this is clearly not the most efficient method!

    Either the nerf is small so it doesn't negatively effect the other raids much, but fails to do its job of stopping expose from being so strong on Sith raid. Or the nerf is big enough to have an effect, and indirectly makes HAAT much harder.

    One of my best teams for HAAT is Phoenix, thanks in large part to Sabine and Hera's Exposes. If I can suddenly no longer take down the turrets as easily thanks to Exposes, that puts a hole a few million damage wide in my contribution to our HAAT damage. That's not even to mention the Zeta Finn squad I'm building for it.

    My guild hasn't cleared HAAT yet, but I will not be surprised if, on our next attempt, we are not as close as before. All because the devs got upset that players were doing the new content with existing characters, instead of their patent-pending Sith-Raid-Killerᵗᵐ

    Purely in response to being able to topple the tank with exposes, that won't be changed. They proposed change only impacts how expose works against Raid Bosses so the side turrets will still take 20% of their max health as damage in the tank raid. Toppling won't be a problem, the TM gain and infinite loop of a Resistance team won't be changed, it will simply be getting half as much expose damage during the topples, but will still be able to do significant amount of damage thanks to bb8 and the buffs.

    In response to the nerf of expose regarding the sith raid..... Isn't that something that should've been tested in like... testing and balancing of the raid.... before it was released? Why couldn't they just give the Sith raid raid bosses a slightly different newer tag called scary_raid_boss that made them take even less damage from % health effects....

    I just don't get how they didn't see this as a problem BEFORE it went live. How did they not test the sith raid with an RJT team (current arena meta) and with other teams and compare the obvious damage discrepancies before the raid was released....
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    At this point I am more concerned about the cause of why this raid is a FAIL than the details of the fail and that is deadlines for content release. The devs are forced to keep releasing content that is not properly thought out and tested.
    This started with Ships imo. The Ships release clearly was meant to be added onto but very little has been done after it's release.
    This has become a trend. Release new content then move onto creating new content bc.....deadlines. No time to go back and fix major issues with previous content, just keep adding new content to keep players spending money.
    The Sith raid is a good example of how out of control this process has become. Release content without proper testing and with poor design. Players outsmart raid. Instead of fixing the real issue, the raid itself, devs nerf long standing game mechanics they did not properly test for.
    This trend is dangerous, possibly fatal for the simple reason that even loyal players have lost confidence in the people creating that content.
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