Tw bug/glitch

Hey all just wanted to share an unfortunate tw experience as it affects guilds as a whole. I should have posted this Feb 22 when it happened the first time but this will have to do. Our guild's name is Eridani and twice now I've gone in as soon our officers set orders on the field and lost my first squad to a glitch. I selected the enemy squad I wanted to take on, selected my squad, pressed battle and after about 8-10 seconds of the spinning loading wheel of death I was popped back out to enemy select screen.

Anyways, the problem here is I was able to take the above pic of my squad in a battle I wasn't there for. It happened the first time on February 22 at about 1:10 pm and today, March 8 around 1:30 pm. Pretty huge bummer for the guild and myself as we all know every bit counts in territory wars.

This is in hope the developers can hear about the issue and investigate it and potentially fix it. I only had 2 offensive squads today. In the end I was only able contribute 14 banners on offense where I had the potential to earn 40 for my guild.

Please share if you've had any similar experiences


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