dmg counter doesn't count correctly all the time!

during current raid tier 5 phase 1 I am experriencing shocking situations when dmg counter doesn't sum correctly the dmg from all the heroes, displaying even 0 dmg! This is enraiging and I really want to know what is happenning? I have screenshots proving that so I ask the devs to take urgent actions. Anyone is aware about this ?


  • DuneFlint
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    He has protection, and he regains protection if you attack him with a basic attack while you have def down. He also gains protection at the start of his turn if you have buffed toons. So if you don't fight it correctly you'll only hit his protection and have 0 damage to his health in the end
  • Syrup_Chugger3
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    Read raid description :) most likely you didn't, and have only damaged nihilus' protection, which regenerates under certain conditions, under said raid description.

    Edit: to answer your question MANY are aware as there's been a dozen of these threads already
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    Thank you guys for the expls. I read it but I didn't fully correlate it. Keep damaging!
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