On the topic of the "spirit" of the raids...

I can understand the changes as it pertains to the raid and wanting this to be the most difficult challenge to date.

That said, what is the "spirit" of including challenge gear as a possible reward? I feel like having unwanted rewards moreso undermines the "spirit" of completing a successful challenge than the issues that were addressed in the recent changes.

I think it is only fair to have a full understanding of the "spirit" of all aspects of the raid in the wake of these uipdates.


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    An example of the “design spirit” of the raid is when Darth Sion removes all of your turn meter when it actually says 5%. That is what the “spirit” they are referring to is about. Oh you found a team that can do damage? Nerf. Oh you want login goon to help with raid? Nerf. Oh you want your new legendary to do damage? Nerf. Oh you to use Sion against Sion? Nerf. Does the “spirit” start to make sense now?
  • Oh, so u guys very happy n excited too with the raid? same here. The new content is zoo amazing :wink:
  • I've lost count of the number of times I've moaned that a Mark IV carbanti (or something similarly useless) is against the 'spirit' or at least lacks the caliber of reward you'd expect from an end-game raid and I get junk all the time in HAAT. I frequently spend an hour on that raid trying to clock up new high scores, dealing around the 40m damage mark by utilising a mixture of teams. To put all that work in and get junk back feels very much against the spirit of things to me. I don't fundamentally disagree with the dev's decision to change the Sith raid mechanics, but this should work both ways.
    If we can get junk taken out of all 3 T7 raid rewards as a result of this latest failure by them to understand their own game mechanics, that will go a long way to demonstrating their spirit works both ways.
  • Lol don't hold your breath. Useless rewards for end game content is the core of cg's business plan. A big middle finger to you and me every time.
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