Are they harder?

We notice that after the updates the GG is much more difficult, does it proceed? :(
I and my friends feel a lot of difference, a lot!
Thanks for the attention and good play to everyone! : D


  • It's very much random on the difficulty level that you face. I still get some very easy mixes of characters that nobody would actually pair together to face in node 12, only to follow up the next day with a team, that someone who just reached a level 85 would most likely not even dent. With the way this feature is coded, I doubt anyone can really actually explain it correctly, other than the developer. There are a lot theories, but nobody outside of the developers know for sure.

    Just keep at it, and get those 150 completed GW, and then you can have fun with it occasionally. Or just sim it like most do.
  • xeynx
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    Actually, the oddity that I noticed is once I increased the power of a bunch of empire (dark side) characters and my best squad is phoenix it actually got easier and I got random weird mixed light/dark side squads. It was quite peculiar.

    It may just be weird RNG stuff with the squads, but I'm seeing less synergy squads for the last few days. No idea! (I think node 11/12 still ends up being challenging hard, but not impossible.)
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