Magmatrooper Tenacity.

Just curious how much tenacity you're running on Magmatrooper in p1, if you're doing that team. Mine's only at G8, but we're only doing T4 so I figure that should even things out--except my Magmatrooper gets slapped with Defense Down pretty frequently despite his unique giving +60%. (Unless the +30% from his unique doesn't stack with the 30% bonus he gives to all Imperial Troopers?)

Is a Tenacity cross going to suffice? Or should I also give him three tenacity sets to be safe?
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  • VonZant
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    I have him with a cross and 2 tenacity sets and a crit chance or potency set with crit damage triangle. He never got a debuff once and went crazy. He alone got 600k and is only g8. T4.

    I run him in my trooper team normally and always have him modded this way. Hes one of the few people to always benefit from tenacity mods.
  • I have mine at 87ish % tenacity, it's include the mod, but don't include the unique. So he literally have +100% tenacity. My magma at g8, with 3x tenacity set. Seems he working well resist defence down debuff.

    If u have tenacity cross, yea use it
  • VonZant
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    Also helps to haave your slowest guy use the invincible buff. I think I have gotten through 2 or more anihhlates on the same buff timer.
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