Who to lead?

I only have EP at 5*, but my 5 7* will be Vader, Tarkin, Royal Guard, TFP, and either Magmatrooper (if event happens in next week or two) or Stormtrooper.

Up through 5* I'll be running EP (L), Vader, Tarkin, RG and TFP, but for 6* and 7* who should I run as lead? Vader or Tarkin? I do not have any Zetas, and do not have anywhere near enough time/ships to farm them.

Also if you have a better quick 7* for the 5th I'd be open to it. I was going to do DT, but he doesn't seem phenomenal without Krennic and I still need 80 shards for TFP. The best thing that could happen is we (somehow) get thrawn event so I can get him to 7* and just use him, but I don't see that happening.


  • I’d go with Tarkin lead for tiers 6 and 7. Vader lead is good for turn meter reduction, but tier 7 is immune to that. So instead, Tarkin’s ability to make your team faster is more valuable.
  • Cool ill run with that! Thanks!
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