2 Zetas in the bank

Hey guys looking for some assistance. I've racked up 2 zetas and wanna splurge a bit but I dunno what to do.
My swgoh is https://swgoh.gg/u/celley/collection/
I've already got finn CLS and r2 zeta'd.
I usually float around the low 100 to mid 80 in arena and that's my aim to improve
Running Rex(L), CLS, thrawn, r2, and I throw finn in as my 5 to soak the damage
Lemme know what you think


  • Finn? That's using a screwdriver to pound a nail.

    Zeta Raid Han. You'll probably fall pretty hard but you'll have better offense and an overall better squad than you do now. Or Gear/Zeta Old Ben.
  • VonZant
    3709 posts Member
    If you dont have bb8, he is back in a few days and it may be worth saving one for Kylo to see if you need it.
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