Jaws Scavenger - line in the sand

So, I’m going to ask a question at the risk of having thermal detonators nerfed (Sith raid).

A guild mate has had some decent luck doing decent damage with, believe it or not, a jawa team. The key is to NOT attack Nihilus to keep his tenacity low... allow him to attack your team for Jawa Scavenger’s unique ability, Line In The Sand, which has a 50% chance for jawas to place thermal detonators on an attacker that just damaged them.

Does anybody know for certain if this ability goes through the potency/tenacity check? I’m guessing it does but wanted to know before going through the hassle of changing all my mods around.

Thanks in advance!


  • Huatimus
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    Still have to pass through Tenacity check so it may be serviceable up to T6 but it ain’t doing kitten in Heroic.
  • As long as you're applying debuffs before damaging him after his previous attack, then you should be able to land them. Maybe put potency crosses on all of them.

    Also, hope they don't work too well. It's obvious by their actions that their intent for this raid is to make you spend money on new toons that have yet to be released, while having your existing ones be next to worthless.
  • Huatimus
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    Trust me, I've tried with Potency set mod plus Potency cross plus Potency from Masters Training(Heroic raid). The only reliable debuff is dots from Zidious. (Please don't nerf this just because I mentioned it. )
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