UPDATE: Aurodium Data Pack - No Longer Available

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EDIT: The Aurodium Data Pack is no longer available after the 3/15/2016 update. This pack may return in the future.


Are you looking for another way to unlock CT-7567 “REX”? If you are then today is the day! We released a new type of Pack to the store for players who have spent at least $199.50 US Dollars (or region equivalent) in game, the Aurodium Data Pack.

This pack is able to be purchased multiple times for 750 Crystals.

The contents of the pack are:
  • CT-7567 “REX” character shards OR a chance at unlocking the entire character.
  • 5 Synergy character shards (CT-5555 OR Plo Koon, OR Clone Sergeant Phase 1)
  • 100K Credits
  • 10 4-star Training Droids
  • 2 Ability Material MK III
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