How about giving sion and visas buffs in the raid?

Seriously just dropped a lot of money to get sion to g12 and pretty disappointed by his raid performance.

Sith were supposed to have bonuses in the SITH RAID, and yet I did better when I used shoretrooper as my zader tank. Please someone explain this logic to me...


  • Peer
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    Sith get attack bonus, 25%. Sion was shown to be a very fast tank with high damage. But that was a sales presentation from Whoohooo-look-at-this-crazy-stuff-Ahnald01 it seems.
  • Zombie961
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    Problem with Sion is he needs pain to taunt and get bonus damage and the bosses have 80 gorillian tenacity
  • Peer
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    But minions do not have that much tenacity.
  • But minions are so easy to kill it doesn’t even matter. Sions special debuff should do something special to raid bosses, like thrawns fracture.
  • Or at least not have to pass a tenacity check
  • HK666
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    I found Sion with his zeta to be reliable way to taunt the boss. He doesn't get Held by Hatred off very early against Nihilus, but I thought he was worth the slot

    I'll admit that mine's only 4 star and I don't have any g12...
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