too hard

Heya. All slate me if u like but does anyone agree. As a f2p player I know i invest waaaaaaaaay too much time in this game. I get that the makers want people to buy items but im simply not in a position to do that.
So why make aspects of the game so hard? Yes no challenge if too easy but I've played many many hours since I started bout 6 months go. Now I have a couple of decent characters & I do the daily challenges so I'm level 73. But against people who pay actual cash, level 73 belies the fact that im still pretty rubbish. Half way thru GW I come up against crazy strong Nihilus etc. I know its a game but I'm sure the makers still need the f2p players to ensure there are so many people playing. I know Im whinging but my time is more valuable than money & people will simply give up - a challenge is great- impossible is no fun whatsoever. Rant over :)


  • i mean, w/o telling us more (your squad, theyre squad) we cant really do anything. For all we know you re just using bad toons
  • Artery
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    Well what is impossible about the raid? Are you in a guild that's doing tier 4 because everyone else is strong enough to complete it but you struggle?

    Also, I'm f2p, I started 6 months ago and I'm level 85. Seems to me that you're not optimising your play time.

    GW will become easier once you've got a couple of decent geared synergy teams, keep at it, and good luck
  • TVF
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    So this is about GW and not the Sith raid?
    I need a new message here.
  • Swgohfan29- Im using my best characters :)
    Artery- I was
  • Artery & TVF I was talkin about gw but yes our sith raid is going hilariously slowly. Artery you are probably right that Im not optimising game time. Thanks all of you for replying x
  • PS sorry I have no idea how I managed to post under sith raid. Rookie sorry!
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