First Order Viability?

SO exactly how viable can first order be? I love them as a faction and Kylo Ren is easily my favourite character in the series but how viable are they in this game? Sadly executioner still is not f2p but i have been farming unmasked kylo and his ship because the value of the node is just so high. Would a team of unmasked(zleader), masked, phasma, officer, and pilot do alright? they already do well for me in raids and hopefully executioner will make that even better but are the viable outside of this?


  • twist
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    There is a guy in my shard running zkru, kylo, foo, foe, fotp and killing it!..newer shard reys or cls yet but a lot of empire and ns teams
  • twist wrote: »
    There is a guy in my shard running zkru, kylo, foo, foe, fotp and killing it!..newer shard reys or cls yet but a lot of empire and ns teams

    ah good to hear! sadly im in a early december shard so it is dominated by godly teams lol nice to hear they can hold their own tho
  • A well geared FO team can destroy the Sith, Nightsister and Empire teams. It still struggles against Jedi Rey teams, zbariss teams though. They are fun to play.
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    I have read they are a hard counter to Palpatine/Vader teams. Make your FOO fastest, give old kylo marching orders and do his AOE special and then your whole team will go first and often. They can easily nuke Palp. Do they have a ability wipe for Sith or Shoretrooper pre-taunt Though? That would be only issue I would see.

    Im on a december 2016 shard and stay around 80-150. KRU fo teams with both kylos and FOST are one of the few teams that can time me out.
  • VonZant wrote: »
    Do they have a ability wipe for Sith or Shoretrooper pre-taunt Though?

    KRU’s stun dispels buffs. FOE can dispel on his special(I run a 3* FOE so it can work). Shortrooper should be zero problem for a KRU lead FO team. I’m on a Feb 2016 shard.
  • Stokat
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    I have a good FO squad and when I tried tjem In arena (in a nov/dec 2015 shard) they did alright on off but drop very fast on def. Great fun to use though! Replace phasma with FOST or SFTP and you got yourself a team.
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    I'm on an older shard dominated by CLS and I'm usually around Arena Rank 100. All FO is at G12.0, fully zeta'd, and mostly five dot mods. My mods aren't very good as I don't really like farming them for speed secondaries. KRU, Kylo, FOO, FOTP, and FOST.
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    There are plenty of others at high ranks on older shards.
  • I've got a FO question for those who use the faction regularly. How important is Phasma to the overall effectiveness of the First Order?

    The reason I ask is because in a new account I started, I've been farming the FOTP right from the moment I unlocked both his hard nodes to get ahead of it (almost have him at 7* now), and KRU has been a part of my fleet/arena team for a while as well. However, I'm nowhere near ready to start farming them as a faction, so I'm asking is it worthwhile to keep using my GW currency on other toons/ships and start FOST in hard nodes, or do I need Phasma?

    Which would be the better team:

    Kylo Ren Unmasked (L)
    Firs Order Storm Trooper
    Kylo Ren
    First Order Officer
    First Order Tie Pilot


    Kylo Ren Unmasked (L)
    Captain Phasma
    Kylo Ren
    First Order Officer
    First Order Tie Pilot

    I'm not necessarily looking to run them in the arena, so it'll mostly be for mods, assault battles, raids, etc.
  • Phasma has no place in the team in arena, TW, and the Sith Raid. If you don't care about that, any mix will work as long as you have a KRU lead with a zeta leadership.
  • FO can beat just about anything on offense if it is geared and modded properly. They may need some RNG if facing a Palp lead with a Vader who is stacked for speed. They are not good defensively, however. The AI is just awful at prioritizing abilities and picking targets.

    The most common lineup is Kylo Unmasked (KRU), Regular Kylo (Kylo), First Order Officer (FOO), First Order Stormtrooper (FOST) and either First Order Tie Pilot (FOTP) or First Order Executioner (FOE).

    FO is all about turn meter. FOO has the highest speed in the faction. He should go before any enemy other than a speed-stacked Vader (once all speed bonuses are applied, Vader has slightly higher speed if mods are equal; if you have better speed on mods, he can be faster than Vader). FOO uses marching orders on either regular Kylo (who uses Lash Out) or FOST (who taunts). Either of those moves give the entire squad 25 percent turn meter, meaning they will go immediately. KRU uses stun/cleanse on tank, FOTP can one-shot a glass canon like Palp, FOST taunts, giving opponent two taunts to break through to get to FOTP and FOO (your most vulnerable characters).

    From there, you should be well ahead. The team gets lots of turn meter bonuses along with Advantage. Kylo and FOTP/FOE are doing most of the damage while KRU and FOST provide crowd control. FOST basic cleanses buffs from enemy as does KRU stun and FOE special. So getting through taunts should not be a problem. KRU and Kylo get stuns. FOO gives turn meter through marching orders and removes turn meter from enemy via Pinning Shot.
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