High evasion in sith raid?

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Has anyone tried running extremely high evasion squads in the sith raid? In p1 and p2, you could run foresight, but it wouldnt be worth it in p3.

Here are some of my ideas
Cad Bane(L)
Any 3 scoundrels
Han solo (Raid)
Cad bane gives scoundrels 20% evasion and they gain TM whenever they evade. Han solo gives evasion up on one of his abilities. So long as you can kill the minions, BH gain 20% crit damage (stacking) until the end of the encounter.

Maul (L)
Nihilus ( any other sith)
So long as you can keep pain off of SiT, his high defense can keep you team hitting hard. Plus, if you can land a single debuff, sidious will ignore sion's armor.A guildmate of mine did around 1 mil in a t5 with highly undergeared sith and no zSidious.

Feel free to post feedback or other squads below


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    Why not use Zeta Sion instead of Zavage? I don't see what he brings and Sion can reliably debuff the raid bosses with his zeta
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    And how many got a high star Sion ?
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    Update on this, my guildmate did 700k (t5) with a zaul led team with g12 zaul, g12 zavage, g11 EP, g10 nihilus, and g10 SiT.
    Now i am thinking that SASS may be a good replacement for zavage but definitely keep Zsidious in there for his reliable debuff (for some reason hits more frequently than anyone else) and his chance to ignore armor. I am not sure how much of sions defense is armor (pretty sure there is resistance in there somewhere) but he hits really hard with suffering.

    Sion cant counter a stealthed team, just saying
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    I reliably do upwards of 1.8 mil damage in the first two phases of t4 with DN Lead (g11), Palp (g11), Sass 5* (g10), Sion zeta 4* (g11) and DV (g11)

    I don't know how much will change as phases get harder, but keep in mind there is plenty of room to grow on that team. It survives fine without SiT feeding tm to the boss every counter. Vader could probably be dropped, and perhaps Palp (he does bring offense up and has two specials to avoid defense down against DN)

    Sidious inflicts debuffs more reliably than most because he applies dots before he does damage unlike most of the roster. That said, Sion getting hit with an aoe is an equally reliable method that will only expire due to the poorest of rng.

    That said, most of us won't have Sion starred for months.
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