Join us in this galactic revolution!

The New Rebel Order is a newly formed guild looking for US, Canada and UK based gamers who love to play and possess a desire to become stronger gamers through teamwork and camaraderie. We are a small, single guild of up to 50 members to promote interpersonal growth. We are not part of a multi-guild community. Once you join you remain.

Only 2 requirements to join:
1. Discord to ensure a means of communication amongst members
2. A account to assist in event strategizing
As a bonus, we are giving Raid Han shards to every incoming member. All you need is a 7* character! If you don’t have one not to worry, we’re happy to help!
Here is a peek at our upcoming events. Start times may vary so please be sure to set your notifications to be alerted of any changes.  We have a 24 hour Zero Damage Rule followed by a Free For All for all raids. If you have any questions about posting zero damage or what toon to use an officer will assist you. All members who can solo a full raid must wait 15 minutes before posting damage.
Alternating start times:

Hey CAN/US - EDT (UK - EST + 6)
Rancor 3:00p - 9:00p (9:00p - 3:00a) AAT 2:30p - 8:30p (8:30p - 2:30a)
Sith 2:00p - 8:00p (8:00p - 2:00a)

No GP, level or ticket requirements. All you need is Discord and an account.

For questions or more information check out our Discord server below or contact Dark Rolyzzz #9997.
Hit me up on Discord @Dark Rolyzzz#9997 for information on New Rebel Order or if interested in joining. Come be a part of our Rebel Revolution!!!!!
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