Jedi team P1

Has anyone tried a yoda lead Jedi team with hyoda yet? Just wondering how effective this would be. I’ve been experimenting with yoda lead against Nihilus, found that you do a decent job feeding tm when you resist his debuffs, and all the foresight yoda gets helps ward off him charging up annihilate. I just don’t have hyoda so my Jedi don’t really deal a ton of damage.


  • VonZant
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    I played with them. I dont have hoda but GMY lead worked pretty well. Mace works ok with his expose actually. My jedi are only g8 so I cant be super sure but if you gave each jedi 2 tenacity sets I think they will perform pretty well. Could use Aayla and Fisto actually because they would not get the defense down debuff and could basic and counter and multi attack.

    Turn Meter Gain and to a lesser extent tenacity are absolutely the "trick" to this raid so I think there is a place for GMY. Problem is the jedi still stink generally and they still would not fit into top 5 teams for most people. Id just personally love to use the because I like clone wars era.
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