New update messed up raid 3/14

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Since the new update a few hours ago, our guild has noticed p4 against darth traya is extremely difficult. My jedi rey team who did 13mil last time is now doing 900k. And it isnt due to expose changes. Its due to her speed. She is super fast going in between each character( my ns i just used run between 250-290 speed). I may get lucky and 2 characters get to go, then shell begin attacking again. I really hope this wasnt an intended change. If so it will take a week to beat her for 105 mil gp guild.


  • Not very promising... what tier was it?
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    This morning (CET) I was able to score 2,5 million damage with Imperial Troopers. That was after the changes to the raid (at least I believe so). If I could get all of them to G12 and gave them more speed, ~3-3,5 million would be a realistic score, full G12 level could yield 4-4,5 million in a very good run.

    Asajj lead did not work anymore. I ran zzAsajj, zzTalzin, Daka, Acolyte, zVisas and scored like 1 million. This team has health regeneration, 3 healing abilities, 2 cleanse abilities and generally goodish damage output. But their healing abilities did not even compensate the damage they suffered from using a healing ability.

    I have no idea what changed with the update other than what was stated in the update notes. All figures for T6.
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    Yeah, t6 is no longer worth it. My guild ran two before the nerf. Now we're doing t4 so we can just rock thru it real quick. My JTR team went from doing 13 mil in p1 to maxing out at 7 mil in p1.

    Honestly, no one should be running t6 at this point. It's not worth the grind, even if you can complete it before tickets max out again. Rewards are meh. A handful of 3 salvage gold pieces? Not gonna make a real impact on your team.
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