How much more do I need to upgrade my FO

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I was just asking because I don't know if I will be ready for BB8.
I want to use KRU, Phasma, Kylo Ren, FOTP, and FOSFTP.

this is my


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    I think you can prob get to 5* if you gear and star up your FOSFTP by the end of the event, otherwise you can get some shards but probably won't get bb8. If it is an option to you, zeta kylo ren (regular) can carry the team, so if you can zeta him and get him to about gear 9-10, he can carry lower geared FO. In essence, no 7* this time around, but you can poss. get the 5* if you can get your 5th to 5* before the 21st.
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    I used phasma lead fo
    Phasma kylo fotp foo fost
    3 were lv50 g6
    Kylo (masked one) was lv85 g10
    Fotp lv85 g11
    No zetas on anyone
    All lv3 abilities except foo 1st special lv4(80% tm to select ally)
    Fotp 2 omegas
    Masked kylo 2 omegas (basic, unique)
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    I used:
    KRU (L) - 70, g8.0, 3/3/3/6/3
    KR - 72, g9.0, 5/6/3/5
    FOO - 70, g8.2, 3/5/3
    FOTP - 79, g10.3, 3/4/5
    CP - 52, g7.1, 3/3/3/3

    From the looks of your guys, you might be missing out on damage. FOST/FOO are pretty key. If you can't gear them up and can get a zeta by the end of the event I've heard zKylo can solo it at G8/G9.
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    Thanks for all the Advice!!
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    How much more do I need to upgrade my FO

    All the way. Why wouldn't you? They are great fun.
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