Getting RJT for next time

I am using an Empire team, and I been wanting IPD for my squad. So I went heavy on Imp Troopers. To get Snow and Death up to 7* was 4 months of boring RNG hell. And thats with getting 50 shards via Bronziums on Snow. If I start now on the vets(both 3* 15/30), I should be set if they re-release her around Aug.

Then there is the first order for BB8. Capt P, Kylo are both 7 stars for me. FOO, FOTP, and FOST are all 5 stars. Should i just slow grind those three and not worry about the other 3(Matt 4*, FOSFTP 4*, FOX 2*)?


  • You'll need to go all in on the vets. X2 16 cantina Energy are the hardest farms in the game with a 4 month time frame. At least x2 refreshes a day and buy them for crystals if you can get the extra crystals.
    Hit the gym.
  • I was saying are any of the other three more worth it than the ones I have at 5*?
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    I just did bb8 tier 7 without zeta on any FO so I just wanna say it's possible, just need to get arena mods on them.

    Matt, directly hurts the farming of vets. So ignore him.
    FOTP is easy to get to 7* with fleet farming.
    FOSFTP is going to be the next easiest to farm.
    FOO is an easy farm, but he dies so quickly in tier 6-7 it seems like a waste.
    Keep farming FOST because you may need to switch him in due to the taunt.
    Once you max the vets go back and do Matt.

    Kill order for me was vets, Finn, Rey, and then bb8.
    Hit the gym.
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