Please Fix The Ship Angles

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In the past 3 battles I have used Tie Reaper's "Imperial Support" on the wrong ship - all 3 times, because I end up tapping one ship that "overlaps" the other.

This also has happened when using the Scimitar's "Slip Through", The Chimaera's "Calculated Strike", etc.

Functionality is more important than aesthetics in this case.
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  • My advanced tie hides behind everyone, i have to be really careful targeting it with chimera. Definitely annoying. I liked controling my placement alot better.
  • Not to mention not being able to see the opposing Thrawn TM. Every day I run into a situation where I’m not sure which attack to use or who to attack because I’m not sure where the bar is at.
  • The select an ally mechanic is pretty wonky
  • Yea plz revert back to previous version. Memory muscle serve so much better than random placement. No Qol improvement here
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