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  • Came here to say the matchmaking is sill broken. We just lost 11,800 to 3,400 to a higher GP guild (55M vs 37M). We’ve been losing on a fairly regular basis with only a few close matchups. We never seem to be on the winning side of any of these lopsided matchups. This is demoralizing for our guild members and when combined with the Sith Raid grind, threatens to force players to just give up. Please revisit the matchmaking algorithm. Thank you

    G00N Squad
  • Could you not consider the number of active players as part of the matchmaking system. I'm in a very active guild, regularly 45+ sign up for war but we keep getting matched up against guilds 20M+ GP above us. Currently against a guild with 83M GP, we're ~50M GP. How is this fair? It feels like we're being punished for being active and playing the game mode the way it's meant to be played. This has been going on for the last few months. We've made numerous complaints but it never seems to change.

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    CG will match guilds against opponents with not only higher GP (we're mismatched by at least 10mil) GP, but they'll match significantly newer guilds made up of strictly meta teams and no fluff against older guilds who blew their zeta wads 2-3 years ago on now useless toons.

    So basically, we're expected to take on maxed out meta teams with rosters made up of Zader, zQGJ, zYoda, et al and their glorious support of a 7 star Jedi Guardian and General Grevious or useless toons these younger guilds never needed to or will farm.

    Don't complain to CG, though, they'll just recite their script telling you how you're wrong.
  • Can you explain to me how the matching of guilds works? we never found guilds with our own power and we know this because we often beat them and then we saw their real power deployed.
    But it seems to me that this time we passed the sign:
    Our guild:
    111 million deployed
    47 players
    22 teams per territory

    Our opponents have a power of 140 Million verified in the guild search

    How can we beat them? How many players do they have for this war?

    Could it be known at the end of the war how much did the opponents deploy in terms of power and in terms of participating players? This could help you understand how matchmakings are made

    Thank you,
  • JDIII wrote: »
    The teams we face should at least be in the same prize bracket!!!!

    If nothing else limit the gap to no more then 20M per match-up. The over 40M gap is a bit extreme.
  • @CG_RyDiggs
    Please help me understand how our medium strength guild (85m) has matched up against a 105m+ for the THIRD TW in a row now. We stand little to no chance against these guilds, resulting in a hands down loss every time. It's very demoralizing. I understand there are parameters to the matchmaking, and GP isn't the ultimate strength indicator, but this has just been grossly and consistently unbalanced.
  • @CG_RyDiggs
    Can it be confirmed by CG that they are still aware that they have an issue with the matchups. Our guild have been matched with +20 mill guilds last 10 matches. Takes the fun a bit out of it.
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    72 million difference in GP in our war, not even gonna bother try fight it
  • mrjazz
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    @CG_RyDiggs are you really gonna ignore a 72 mil difference as a fair matchup?
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    Current tw match
    Us 60mil gp
    Them 103 mil gp
    They are ploughing through us like butter yet we cant clear their first completely gold/zetad front zones
    Match making clearly not wai
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    This is weird, because we always get against much stronger guilds with deeper rosters and overall better teams. They usually have clearly more teams, because we coordinate a lot and lose a maximum of 2 or 3 times against a particularly tough team. Our enemies usually fall in our traps and lose even 7 to 10 times against one single team, but they still win. According to your statement (cough cough lies cough cough deceit) this should not happen. You are basically assuming that GP doesn't mean strength and I've hardly heard something this stoopid. Moreover, guilds purposely leave members out of the tw to get weaker guilds and win easily, an exploit you plainly allowed. Is this a good matchmaking in your opinion?
  • yb9x3p9ogkp1.jpeg

    Is this what is meant by balanced teams?
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    The matchmaking is the worst part of the game. Since last May we have fought 2 guild with about the same power as ours. Those games were fun. We won one by a small difference and we lost one by a small difference.

    As usual we now face a guild that is far to powerful. 12 mil difference. They have 13 players with 3 mil plus power. Our strongest has 2.8 mil. In what galaxy does EA believe this is a honest fight?
  • As others have noticed the current matchmaking algorithm is consistently screwing certain guilds and not others. About two months ago, my guild had never lost a TW. Now we lose every single time. In at least half of these matchups the opponents have had about twice as many zetas showing on their front defensive lines as we have total in our entire guild.
  • In the current TW, we have 131 zetas and 57 maxed out toons (7*, lvl 85, G12). According to our discord bot, our opponents have 189 zetas and 98 maxed out toons. That's pretty typical for us lately. Most matchups have been an exercise in futility.
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    @CG_RyDiggs The matchmaking still galactically sucks. We're at 76m GP, they're at 122m GP. NOT EVEN CLOSE. We'll get steamrolled again by their 3m GP whales. Which is now the norm. You're taking the competive fun out of this game!!!
  • Fact is that 10 people of opponent guild have more zeta and gear 12 chars than 20 of us and if you calculate that they joined 42 and my guild 48 you can do the maths.also the gp difference is 28m gp.
  • I think the matchmaking usually is pretty good. My old guild frequently beat guilds that had a third more GP than we had, and sometimes closer to 50% more, which you’d think wouldn’t happen, but if we were able to beat them, then there are clearly other factors involved besides GP. It was usually a very close match, and a very rewarding win when we beat guilds that had 35 million GP on us (as an 80 mil guild).
  • There is no clarification that can explain this:

    And what they have is utter nonsense.
    So yeah good machmaking.

    Btw they cleard us whole, we beated 5 teams :smiley:

    And anyway, congrats on victory to alliance alpha, great teams with outstanding rooster.

  • Back to back TW now and we were outmatched by 20 million gp and now 36 million gp. I thought these matchups were what was supposed to be avoided?ygkxs3noh8ep.jpg
  • Our guild is 95 million GP and the opposing guild was 135 million GP... is this balanced to you EA?
  • 8d1zezbot7he.png

  • Even if you've perceived the matchup isn't fair why split attacks, why not focus on getting through either bottom or top section?
  • The second sector squad power was higher than the front on both sectors... We did not have the squads left to punch 21 squads most of which were over 100K power...
  • Still broken our opponents have over 200 more g12 characters than us. Tactics can only overcome so much.

    The TW are broken and have yet to be fixed. Why not get help in matching from people who have a competency in these type algorithms?
  • And again, we have 119 mill gp, our opponent has 146 mill gp.
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    I know a lot of people talking about mods, sith raid, ships 2,0 ect. But man I wish TW matchmaking was not terrible and was the thing they were also fixing to prevent terrible miss-matches.
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