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  • And again, we have 119 mill gp, our opponent has 146 mill gp.
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    I know a lot of people talking about mods, sith raid, ships 2,0 ect. But man I wish TW matchmaking was not terrible and was the thing they were also fixing to prevent terrible miss-matches.
  • Well, there is only one way not to have horrible mismatches.
    Obviously a team of 50 players with 1 mil GP matched against a team of 25 players each of 2 mil GP is bad, so Total Active GP does not work at all;
    Just as obviously, a team of 50 players with 1 mil GP matched against a team of 25 players each of 1 mil GP is equally bad, so Average GP does not work at all either;
    Which means that we need a dual matching algorithm meaning you can ONLY ever face a guild which is BOTH (a) +/- 5% Total Active GP from you AND (b) +/-5% Average GP from you.
    Of course that does require some degree of brains and defeats the purpose of forcing people to cash to the maximum so they end in the 4 mil GP spectrum where they more or less walk through whatever no matter how they are matched. From economic point of view, that is great. From user point of view it is terrible, of course.
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    HJoci30 wrote: »
    And again, we have 119 mill gp, our opponent has 146 mill gp.

    We have the same "problem". My Guild "Erben der Galaxies" have about 93 Mill GP. For about 2 months or so we always get guilds with 20 - 40 Mill more GP than us. We won a few of the TW really close but mostly lost. What ever the machtmaking is doning is just ****! How can it be, that we are always the weaker guild in the matchup over months?

    Before we get these bad matchups, we won a lot, but always against equal guilds. We wiped out a gilde with a really weak def and i have the feeling, we get these bad matchups since we have the **** General. That would really suck, if the matchmaking is effected by this ****.

  • Ok, 28 ZTraya agains 0. Perfect matchmaking! We loose again.
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    CG_RyDiggs wrote: »
    • Q: Does this mean our guild won't face higher reward tier guilds?
      A: No. Matchmaking does not consider reward tiers, only your guild's squads for the match making algorithm.
      Example: your guild is reward tier 4 and your matchmaking strength calculation is high, you could face a guild who is at reward tier 5 but low matchmaking strength.
      It's not common (for the vast majority of the game) but it can and likely will happen from time to time.
      Again, this is because Matchmaking strength does not consider Reward Tier at all.

    I really wish they'd do something about guilds so blatantly exploiting these mechanics.. It's very simple and obvious. Simply ask for a few volunteers to sit out from the war, your active gp will go down and you'll face a substantially weaker guild every time.. Easy win!
    Easy fix for this, change matchmaking so it looks at Total guild GP, not active! This way, those who fail to enter actually are a liability, not a means to exploit the system.

    I'm sick of facing walls of maxed out traya teams when we're not even nearly heroic ready yet.
    Until they fix this, from now on I will use this exploit to face lower guilds who don't have rosters as deep as we do. :wink:
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    I dropped five guys from war. So at 45/50 we are now facing a full guild with 25m less power.
  • Gannon wrote: »
    I dropped five guys from war. So at 45/50 we are now facing a full guild with 25m less power.

    Lolz. Winning right there
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    95M GP against 137M.. I can obviously see the advantage we have been fighting against, their squads are faster, more resilient. And that is because of their higher GP they are running higher tier raids and getting better gear, mod salvage. Not cool
    Leader of Dark KøR
  • I hope you will fix this. We are a 56M guild and we had to face a 115M guild.
    **** is wrong with you ? We have no chance to beat walls with 115k power
  • ANNND we're hosed again.
    IF our top GP member were to go join their guild, she would place.....25th in GP in their guild........OUR TOP is barely middle of the board for them......
    Come on.
  • I've been with my guild for almost a year now, we've won ONE Territory War in all that time. After reading this thread, it is starting to become clear why."

    Our guild focuses very hard on arena and fleet arena for crystal generation. Most of us are near the top of our shards in both respects. We invest a lot in those teams, because that is our key to progression. We don't spread our resources around. We don't have 6-8 good teams, we have 1-2 great teams with absolute garbage behind it.

    Our best teams are comparable to other guilds best teams, but we have a severe lack of depth compared to the guilds we get matched with. Our losses aren't close. We get absolutely destroyed every single time. It's now apparent why.

    This is made worse by the fact we are a feeder guild for another guild. People build their roster with us, then when they get more powerful and have more depth, they get promoted to the parent guild. We are creating our own problem, but I think it does help highlight was is really wrong with how TW matchmaking works.

    Just to be clear, this isn't a "not fair" post. My guild gets wrecked in TW, but we progress much faster in other ways, so it is a trade off. TW is working as designed. I'm just pointing out that design is flawed in a way that hurts certain types of guilds and benefits others very dramatically.
  • Congratulations - BROKEN.

    Last 4 TWs - 83.4 vs 118, 89.3 vs 113, 92 vs 133, 93 vs 127, 94 vs 154

    We get full participation in our guild - 48/49/50 normally join.

    The match algorithm doesn't work. We have no Traya's - they had 41. We have 2 7* Chewies, 3 7*Bossk's, they had 22.

    Matchmaking is horrible and broken.

    TW is my favorite part of the game by far and I'm debating quitting, after playing since launch. I get so angry/irritated at the bad match -- only because TW is the only part I still really like, and it's not very many chances to play.

    **** **** moan moan --- whatever. The matchmaking is broken.
  • Another TW, another loss. Tempered Fetts 62m GP total, 38 active TW members with reward tier 50-59m matched against Alderanian Souls 88m GP and presumably 32 active TW members (16 teams per section). Two solid walls of 90k+ teams.

    I don't know what the answer is? Do all guilds always field 100% participation? Doubt it, but when you have no way of breaking through the lines TW becomes a little numbing.

    We've had fun matches with closely matched teams and everyone getting involved, but there should be a way of controlling for such extreme differences.
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    Are you serious? If you want an example please check our current war.
    We are an 108Mio guild with an average power of 2,1 (https://swgoh.gg/g/31875/der-widerstand/) and our opponent has a slightly higher GP of 150 Mio - 3,0 average (https://swgoh.gg/g/449/canadianslikeithoth/)

    Please check and explain how this is a fair match ... I am close to just dont set a defence and forget about this game mode.
    I want a reply from CG please.
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    Just the usual, but at least we gave them a good fight! We are the BHA, so 30 mill difference is a bit too much! xnu7j0oci863.png
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  • @Intrapidoo the first 2 items on your list have been suggested multiple times.

    If this were implemented, any guild member who is unable to participate in a TW for family, health, work reasons would be punishing their guild mates as their GP is accounted for but they won’t be able to contribute.

    And please don’t come back with “well the guild should kick people that don’t participate” - I’m talking about genuine reasons why they can’t take part.
  • I’m sure that is true but way above the mark you’ve suggested. I’m in a 170M GP guild and we would far rather people who had commitments during a TW didn’t join at all.
  • Intrapidoo wrote: »
    I’m sure that is true but way above the mark you’ve suggested. I’m in a 170M GP guild and we would far rather people who had commitments during a TW didn’t join at all.

    Still, what would say if you were in my shoes for example. TW is a year old, that means a minimum of 36 TW. Out of these there was 1 tw where we got an equal opponent. All the rest was a clear stomp where we had 0 chance

    I would say equal GP does not mean equal opponent. Our most recent TW saw us https://swgoh.gg/g/12985/prepaired/ against these guys https://swgoh.gg/g/12473/deathstarmaintenancecrewdsmc/ which looks pretty even on the face of it.

    We cleared 7 zones + 21 teams of 8th. They cleared 3 zones + 5 teams of 4th. One of our most one-sided victories ever.

    In the review we added up the number of battles each guild had used. We used around double their tally. Maybe they had people who had signed up but couldn’t participate?
  • Us: 177 mil GP / 50 members
    Them: 209 mil GP 43/44 members

    G12: 2081 vs 2903
    Zetas: 1886 vs 2349
    6 dot mods: 1133 vs 1352
    10+ speed mods: 6741 vs 9037
    15+ speed mods:1602 vs 2189
    20+ speed mods: 312 vs 441
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