It's time for a real talk! (Rey)

In regards to Rey returning a month sooner than most people anticipated and with only 3 days notice, I decided to start this thread to help people understand a few things and hopefully ease the tensions.

For me there are 2 kinds of f2p players, the ones who are casual and the ones who are hardcore. I exclude p2p from this list since their farm rates are much faster which gives them an advantage.

Let me define casual and hardcore; casual is someone who tanks over 100 in arena payout and over 20 in fleet arena. Hardcore is anyone who ranks better than that, allowing themselves at least a couple hundred free crystals a day from payouts. If you don't earn at least a couple hundred crystals then in my eyes you are casual regardless of how much effort you put in the game.

Based on those definitions if you are a casual player you need to understand that Rey may not be for you. Don't forget that Rey is still a relatively new character and she's been in the game for just 3 months. If you didn't get her this time then you should be able to get her next time. She will still be relatively new. Your arena payouts won't be effected all that much as you will be able to maintain your 100+ rank without Rey. Many teams are viable in those ranks. Rey has no ship either, meaning that it won't affect your fleet rank.

If you were able to EARN a higher rank without Rey then you would have been able to get Rey also, funny how that works. So instead if complaining why you don't have Rey, you need to first work on improving yourself. Imagine if Rey on her 3rd month in the game was available to players who end up in the top 200. Wouldn't that upset arena very badly? Get off the casual zone and into the hardcore zone before you have expectations like having the latest meta toon.

Now off to the "hardcore" players. You are in the category that earns enough crystals for 1-3 refreshes per day. You had all the time in the world to get the veterans but you made decisions that were not wise.

I'm sorry but as others have mentioned before me in those mega threads of the topic, you probably made some decisions along the way that cost you to lose Rey. Characters like KRU and their tempting farming locations were a bait to test your commitment to getting Rey. Rumors like Anakin rework and Revan requiring Sith assassin and trooper got in the way of you and your Vets and you chose to decide with your emotions.

That would have been fine if you could afford to make those sidetracks but obviously you weren't and this is why you are mad now. I feel your frustration but honestly you should have known by now that the devs cannot be trusted to stick to a set patern BECAUSE THEY HAVE NEVER DONE IT BEFORE. You need to stop claiming that Rey SHOULD return at the same amount of time as CLS did because they are both Hero's journey. There has obviously never been a concistency when it comes to legendary events so why would hero's journey be any different?

Lastly let me say that this is a good lesson to everyone who likes to leave work for the last minute, trust me, that never works. Even if you thought that Rey was gonna return in a month you should be done a couple weeks in advance anyways.

Before I close I want to say that I don't enjoy farms that are forced onto us by legendary events. I have a list of characters that I want to farm from cantina such as B2 and Aayla but I'll be stuck finishing KRU, ST, DT, CHS for months and since I'm not a casual player it's gonna take alot less but that makes me wonder how long it would take someone who's not doing refreshes.

I guess my advice to all of you is 1. Improve your payout ranks and 2. Be prepared for everything, don't listen to distractions, farm required toons as soon as you can and don't put them off thinking you have time.

Good luck and sorry if you missed Rey.


  • 3ReD7
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    Very well said! I did miss Rey, but to my own doing, exactly like you mentioned. My choice to not curve my farming. Yet I had other goals in mind, which I have accomplished. Needed another week or two, but i’ll Have a great FO and resistance teams for the next run!! Good gaming to all
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