Increase GW difficulty now that it is simmable

Can we return GW back to its original difficulty now that we can sim it? There’s no way of testing squad comps out now that GW is a cakewalk. I don’t get why it was made easy in the first place if the devs were just going to make it simmable right after making it easy...


  • Brock
    33 posts Member
    You know how you can toggle your battle speed. Normal, 1x, 4x, they should make the option for the player to play GW on easy mode or hard mode. Let us choose how we want to play it.
  • There is certainly a way of testing squads in GW.

    If you use max squads properly geared, they beat the test. If you use teams that have no synergy, poor mods and lower levels, they fail the test.

    Just what squad are you trying to test?
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