Skill bug or what ?

Guys ,

I have some skills leveled up on several characters , but I cant upgrade them any higher even thou I have enough stuff to upgrade plus there is no apparent level requirement (at least many of them dont have ).

There are some skills that clearly have level requirement while others dont , but still I am unable to hit upgrade button.


  • same issue here. Any idea?
  • Can either of you share a screenshot of what you are seeing in game? This could be part of the display issue where the level requirement isn't shown if the description of the ability is too long.
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  • Hello Jesse and others, I have the same problem.
    Im lvl 52 and cant upgrade past lvl 3 on some chars. Its basic skills but also other skills. Example:

    Do note that I was able to upgrade it at lvl 51 or something. Just gave other characters' abilities priority over others.

    Ps: this is a good game so be careful what you change/nerf character wise. The coming known issues scares me if i read dooku and barriss are problems. People havent had full game experience at max level so screaming OP is pointless at this stage of the game. Bit OT but a lot of posts are screaming about nerfs when at my level those toons are the least of our problems ;)
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  • I figured out the problem! As mentioned in the other topic, if you scroll down you need III ability mats x4. It's well hidden and easy to miss but ifyou scroll down you will see missing reagent. It just doesnt fit the screen yet ;) topic solved ready to close?
    439-259-888 I have a bad habit of editing my typo's after posting
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