What is the credit reward for Mythic Bb-8 tier 1?

Since some mods cannot take the time to answer or move thread, and decided to delete, im reposting this.

I just recently finished tier 1 of Mythic BB8 event for THE FIRST TIME and obtained a reward of 185,000 credits plus a mod. Now the reoccuring rewards for completing tier1 are 185,000 credits+mod. Im curious to find out if this is proper? Can someone who has not completed Tier1 Mythical BB8 tell me what reward is displayed for first time completion? I feel like me skipping to Tier 2 first and coming back to 1 has created a problem with my rewards. I was almost sure it said 500,000. Please correct me if i am wrong. Thank you.


  • VonZant
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    I cant look now but 99% sure it was 500k.
  • Well after completing Tier 2 first, and moving mods from my arena team, the reward i obtained was as stated, 185k. Never before completed this event, so there is no way i wouldnt be able to get "first time" reward.
    Did you remember if you recieved that?
  • VonZant
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    I havent beat it yet. Will look for you in a sec.
  • VonZant
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    Yes its 500k.
  • SmilinStonee
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    Thanks, complete them in proper order if youre going to, as to avoid losing rewards.
  • Attempted to report to the EA support page via "bug" sections. Filled out all required fields and extra. Submit buttom does not process when clicked. Restarted and went over this again, same result. I am logged in on EA website. Any guidance would be appreciated.
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