JTR without BB8

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What might be a good squad for Jedi Rey without BB8 for HAAT?

I run akbar, cls, asajj, bb8, thrawn for p3/p4. And resistance in p2 (with bb8, escaping for reuse).

Our guild is pretty weak to finish p2. Any ideas on a jedi rey team for p2 that might help?


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    I do have raid han, but no wampa or hermit yoda.
  • NicWester
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    Once they become farmable, I'm really interested in Holdo's AoE and Rose's basic and passive under Rey. Expose the adds to boost Rose's offense, then her basic can potentially attack and expose twice per round.

    Unless, do Cycle of Pain/Suffering count as debuffs for the sake of Jedi Rey's leader ability? If so, then maybe just use her in p1. Edit: Ahahaha, sorry, thought this was the sith raid subforum, not HAAT, lol.

    In that case, Jedi Rey, Trooper, Poe, Finn, Pilot should work well. Although you may consider Finn as the leader and Rey just being there for damage.
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