Player generated shop

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This is just an idea for a new shop mechanic.

It would be run by jawa in which there would be two slots, one slot would be for a character and the other for a piece of gear.

The player would task the jawa to find said gear or character shards in exchange for random currency. The currency cost would change randomly with each refresh and would bump between the different currencies in game and would cost slightly more than in those shops. The jawas are business men after all. Obviously brand new characters could not be farmed this way and the cost would only be worth it to either older players who have those currencies in stock or newer players who really want to focus their favorites.

By limiting it to 2 slots, one gear and one character, players couldn't really abuse it and the increased costs would encourage players to only go after focused characters and gear but would slightly speed up some of these 6 month farms.

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