TW defense... quality or quantity?

So obviously guilds keep their secrets close to their chest, and rightly so, when it comes to TW defensive strategies. However, I’d like to ask a question to those willing to give an honest answer and discuss a little general strategy.

When composing defensive teams for TW, do you generally aim for fewer high-quality, grade-A, META teams... or for a few more teams of great, but not top-end composition? Hypothetically, if you have 15 toons with 240,000 GP, would you rather create one team of 100k and two of 70k, or three teams of 80k?

For example, Sith and Empire co-synergize very well, especially with the reworks to EP and DV. The current Sith META tends to use zEP, zDV, zDN, Thrawn, +1. However, considering Thrawn and DN are great plug-and-play anywhere, it MAY be beneficial to remove them for two substitutes so they can anchor two other great teams.

I am currently creating MORE teams. In my example above, I’m currently running zEP, DV, zSid, Death Trooper, and Shore Trooper. This frees up my Thrawn as the leader for another high-quality empire squad, and allows me to play “hide-the-Nihilus” on another great team. In this particular scenario, I strongly think the three “great” teams outweigh the single META TEAM + two others. It also allows for maximization of lesser-quality toons, in my opinion.

Of course, there are many nuances to consider and there isn’t a blanket-idea that is most effective, but I’m curious how other’s out there are allocating their precious resources.
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