Potency and tenacity in arena, does this make sense?

So I'm fighting this guy in arena and it's a Palpatine vs Palpatine fight. I use my mass stun and only get 1 person, he uses his mass stun and gets 5, needless to say that I lost the battle. I get really frustrated so I go back to fight that same person, my Palpatine hits 2 stuns, his Palpatine hits 4, some how I end up winning but then I got really frustrated so I decides to check mods.

Here is a list with mod and gear comparison of the two teams.

Starting with the Palpatines his Palpatine is at gear 12 and so is mine, we actually both had the same post 12 piece on him. His Palpatine has a total of 66.5% potency with 20% being from mods. My Palpatine has 95.5% total potency with 48.5% from mods! This is 29% more potency on my Palpatine.

Right away you can see that this should not be happening twice in a row so I think maybe I should check our tenacities cause maybe he has some tenacity crosses which would give him 24% tenacity which would balance things out. I check his mods and not 1 character had a tenacity cross.

Here are the gear and tenacity values of the two teams:

His Palpatine at 36% tenacity with 2% being mods while mine is at 39.5%, 5.5% from mods. That's a +2.5% higher tenacity on mine.

His Vader at gear 11 had 38.5% tenacity 6.5% from mods. My Vader at g12 has 36% and 3% from mods. So a -2.5% on my Vader. But hold on.

His Thrawn is at 49% tenacity at g12 with 4% coming from mods. My Thrawn is also g12 but has 58.5% tenacity of which 13.5% is from mods. That's an almost +10% for my Thrawn.

On to Nihilus where his 6* gear 11 Nihilus with only 1 post g11 piece is sitting at 37.5% tenacity of which 4.5% is from mods. My g11 7* Nihilus missing 2 post 11 pieces is sitting at 43% tenacity with 7% being mods. So an extra 5.5%.

Lastly he runs a g11 deathtrooper who has 33% tenacity of which 4% is mods. I run Tarkin at g12 with 36.5% tenacity of which 5.5% is mods. +3.5% more.

As you can see all across the board I have higher tenacity, some of it is marginal and some of it is enough to where it should make a difference. Factoring in my +29% potency on Palpatine I should have no problem getting more stun than he does and yet in 2 games he gets at least twice as many stuns as I did, enough to win him a battle.

Should we try to make potency and tenacity more valuable? Why should I bother modding my characters for potency and tenacity if they don't make a difference in combat? Why should my +48.5% almost 50% additional potency on my character bring worse results than someone with only 20% extra potency?

I get that Palpatine's stun isn't 100% but may it should be. I think we need to reward someone who invests in potency and tenacity instead of leaving things to chance!


  • Idk man I've been saying this since qol update. My team on offense lands nothing, no stuns , barely counters, no other debuffs, including ships (tie, I'm talking about you and darn dodge) but defense seems to do everything. Wondering if it's a bug from the raid update with qol or of they did it intentionally to have teams not so easily beatable on defense. But yes this is happening to a lot of people.
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    This is an issue across the board. It’s causing major problems. My Palpatine has similar Potency to yours and 100% of the time it never stuns or stuns 1 or 2 only and I almost never apply shock. Also looking at my opponents, there speed is no where mine yet they all go first even when their speed is well below mine. Empire v Empire, Empire v Rebel. Empire v Rogue One, and the enemy teams are all in kitten Health mods!

    I also don’t get the Vader/Palpatine synergy the AI does. Pretty **** sure if I can hold rank 500 for 3 weeks and then suddenly I am in the upper 1000s and nothing is working since update, it’s their coding screwing it up, unintentionally. If you fix A pretty sure F and G are affected but no one thought it would affect XYZ as well.
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    Your understanding of potency and tenacity is off. Chance to resist is tenacity minus potency with a 15% min. So both of your potencies have the same efficacy. The rest is just RNG.
  • It's actually pretty uncommon to stun the entire enemy team regardless of how high your potency is. You only have a 70% chance to stun each target, so hitting 5/5 only has a ~16.8% chance to happen without even taking into consideration of minimum resist chance.

    Adding the 15% minimum to resist, and you only have around a 7.5% chance to stun the entire enemy team. In other words, RNG plays a -huge- role in how many people you stun.
  • Just RNG. As others have said, each Palp has way more potency than is required to land stuns.
  • Drazz127 wrote: »
    Just RNG. As others have said, each Palp has way more potency than is required to land stuns.
    slamaMC wrote: »
    Your understanding of potency and tenacity is off. Chance to resist is tenacity minus potency with a 15% min. So both of your potencies have the same efficacy. The rest is just RNG.

    What you two are saying proves my point. There is no reward in adding more potency to your characters
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    There is a point if that character has +100% Tenacity when Conditions are are met such as CLS, Thrawn and Sion.
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    The problem is that 2 battles doesnt give you a statistical analysis. Fight 100 battles or 1000 and you might have enough data to see the actual data from 70% stun chance amd resist chances.

    The other problem that happens is that we only tend to remember the times that we didnt get too many stuns on that first turn. We forget the times that most stuns landed.
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