SWGOH: Q&A w/Producers - 3/17/18

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And we're done for the evening, thanks to everyone for participating! We are going home, and will be leaving this open for reference and discussion.

Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes Producers here:

Carrie Gouskos, Senior Producer [CVG]
Nick Reinhart, Live Producer [NR]
Erik Larsen, Player Lifecycle Producer [EL]

As mentioned in this post we want to get to the bottom of some of the core questions and concerns that have been bubbling up.

If you have a question about anything pertaining to Galaxy of Heroes, please reply below. We will then take the question and respond to it in the first few replies in this thread to surface our answers to the top. We will address as many questions as possible from 8:30PM-10:30PM PDT.

We will also preserve this Q&A for people to read later.

Due to the huge response, we are focusing on answering one question per person moving forward. We don't want to self-select, so please put forward the question you want answered the most. We will keep the others for later so we know they need answering, but we'd like to answer as many people as possible.
Senior Producer, Galaxy of Heroes
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    The recent changes to Territory Wars seem to have gone WAY overboard just to reduce the occurrence of ties. So much so that the mode as a whole seems broken, and it has revealed some real concerns about CG's philosophy of what TW is supposed to be (and what we are supposed to be okay with it being).
    It is very reminiscent, suddenly, of Tournaments. A mode that was fun for a short time, CG tried to dial it in closer to their intent, players outcried "unfair!" to how the rewards were shaking out, and the mode went away.
    So is TW going the way or Tournaments? From a players perspective, it feels about the same. Like in 1 or 2 more times participating, if they are similar to the last 2, we'll be done with it. Disgusted, ready to walk away from that mode and play it no more. Because there is absolutely nothing fun about playing a game when A) there is no chance of winning and B:) even if you did win, you and your opponent do not fight for the same prize.

    My real questions then:

    Is TW on the verge of going away?

    If it is staying for the long haul, are you open to player input about the match making and rewards structure?
  • Hello CG team,

    First and foremost thank you for the extra hours and dedication to improving our experience and communication, as someone who’s very passionate about this game and community I can honestly say that this kind of initiative goes a long way with those of us that are rational about feedback.

    That being said I have 3 questions I hope you can answer to honor the integrity of our community.

    1. Are 7 dot mods and level cap increase coming? We have several people dedicating a lot of resources and time into upgrading the already existing content, I believe it is a warranted question to ask to know if this is going to cripple us in the long run.
    2. Will we start getting a new beta testing process in place? We know only specific players are given access to the beta gameplay however those same folks are utilizing that time to “test the game” to prepare their own rosters to exploit bugs while they last, not report the bugs the correct ways to your teams, and then reap the benefits until your team fixes it. This is not only an unfair practice to everyday players but also creates an even wider gap between your core player base and the elites that are given this special access. I hope you can understand why this is important to your core player base.
    3. Can we please get a constant flow of professional communication? There are various times when we can’t get an answer to important community questions and issues for months. Even if we could just know it’s getting worked on or receive an update once a week on things being addressed/worked on we would all be extremely grateful.

    I hope these questions aren’t too demanding or seem malicious at all, that is not the intent. I just want what’s best for this community whole heartedly and love the success your team has found with the franchise so close to our hearts, I just want it to be the least greedy experience possible without affecting the revenue of the CG team. I hope we as a community can continue to work with you to better this relationship and game.

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    Here is what I would like to know about:
    Any plan for gear that we have THOUSANDS of piled up? Sell back? Trade up? Something?

    Any MOD management plans in the future?

    When is GG going to get the love he desperately deserves as he was such a hard toon to get?

    Are we going to need a 7* Hermit Yoda for any reason revolving a new Luke?

    PS, Bravo for doing this. *tips hat*
  • Here are some of my questions:

    Mod Management when? We are all having to use an external site to keep track of mods on up to 870 mods not counting the ones that aren't equipped it's just crazy

    Cadence of Legendary Events?....everyone was tracking a later date on BB/JTR based on previous ones and got a 2 day warning and were totally unprepared, why does this have to be so random and so last minute

    Character Release cadence?...it was established at one point and then broken multiple times and now it's just non-existant, especially with a previous road ahead post standing farming for Talzin, Wicket, Nightsister Spirit etc....and still nothing

    Sith Raid? Even with the nerf JTR does over 2x more dmg than any other team on any phase basically so without your entire guild having JTR it's just pointless....what is the point of this, our guild won't be able to progress to next tier until next JTR release now since this one was much faster than others, 3-4-5-6 months who knows?

    With the changes that have occured with online loot boxes/crates on Apple and others is there going to ever be more transparency on odds of rewards when purchasing a box with a certain amount in it. How about the challenges, it says it's possible to get 7 of an item but I don't think it is possible as noone ever has, isn't this false advertising?
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    I have a couple of DS TB issues that I have posted over at answers and never have gotten a response on.

    Issue 1: Dark Side Territory Phase 5 has improper distribution of TB Points required.

    The central territory requires more points to 3 star than the south, but has only combat mission. Compared to Light Side in the central area there are two combat missions. It would appear the point requirements were kept the same but the combat mission was moved to the South.

    Summary: Phase 5 Central Territory 3 star is 103,270,000 points, and South Territory is 82,340,000 points, but the extra Combat MIssion exists in the south on dark side territory battles vs. center in LIght Side.

    Issue 2: Dark Side Squads and Platoons have incorrect point bonuses when compared to light side configurations.

    Phases 1 and 2 are correct in that Platoons 5 and 6 award more points for completing.

    In Phase 3 and beyond this point bonus exists on Ship Squads (Light Side Ship Squads 5 and 6 never get bonus points more than Squads 1-4), however Platoons have the same point bonus for all 6 instead of 5 and 6 awarding more points.
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    There are a few bugs and AI issues that have been present, both in the past and currently, which I believe should be addressed. These include:

    - Deathtrooper’s Deathmark no longer preventing Sion from reviving when Sion has Hatred.

    - Vader’s AI using Culling Blade targeting characters with no debuffs on them (and no taunt was activated and debuffs existed on other characters).

    - Thrawn’s AI passing TM/cleansing only to characters with the lowest effective HP, despite other characters around who may need the cleanse more (i.e. to a debuff-free Palpatine when a Mind Tricked Shoretrooper is right there).

    So Q:
    What exactly is the timeline in how an AI issue is evaluated and approached? From the time a bug or AI issue is posted on Answers HQ or here, what would be the expected turnaround time for the issue to be fixed?

    Thank you so much, we really do appreciate the opportunity to open a discussion!
  • Hello!! Can you provide any clarity on why a more complex TW pairing method is superior to simply matching closely on GP of participating members? Shouldn't GP capture additional factors like # of G12, rosters, etc...?
  • Hi CG
    You gave us only 3 days before the actual date of the JTR heroic journey. Can you give at least 1 month to announce the actual start of heroic journey events? if not one month, at least a lot more than 3 days.
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    Is there a reason why you only give a couple of days notice for some legendary events? (bb8, Jedi Rey)
  • Okay, mine is kinda simple, but do you think you could give us a “What’s Ahead”? We didn’t get one last time and it’s fun to speculate. Also, and I doubt this will get answered but there’s no harm in trying, but about when can we expect a General Grievous rework? It’s been well over a year since it’s been mentioned and I’ve been waiting patiently :)
  • I feel like many of the new challenges are tuned with both ridiculously high health pools and wildly out of control tenacity. Shouldn't it be one or the other and not both? What is the use of having high quality variations of very entertaining teams if in the encounters they all rely on basic swings with different animations? Love your game.
  • 1. Do you have a timeline for implementing improved mod management (for example saved mod sets, improved filtering and searching, etc.)? If so, what is that timeline? I’m not looking for a guaranteed date, so feel free to say that the timeline (if it exists) is subject to change.

    2. Will you ever implement a feature where players can turn their extra gear into shards for the shard shop or some other new gear shop? For example, since I have over 1,500 Mk 4 stun gun salvage pieces, I could choose to turn in 200 (or any other amount) of those pieces for shards or for other gear directly.

    3. Is the daily crystal booster ever going to be brought back or replaced? If so, when? And if it will be replaced, what will replace it?
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    I want to start this off by saying thanks for taking the time to look at these, I hope that you can take the constructive feedback and the non constructive feedback that is provided in the next couple of hours, and find something useful in the voice of your players. I also want to say that by profession, I want data to make decisions and I hope you would too. I only have "I feel" statements as opposed to "90% of the players I talk to" or other versions of clearly defined metrics to add weight to my questions. I try to subjective when forming my opinions about how I feel about things. If needed for any of my below statements in my questions, I will do what I can to get you that information if it helps you make decisions, to my liking or not, that help the game move forward. I also want to apologize for any of my typing that doesn't read too well. I didn't get much prep time to provide more well constructed statements to articulate my rants. Thanks again for your time.

    Would you be willing to talk about mods and they way they are implemented in the game? I have played several other mobile games that had similar mechanics but they were 1) not tied to an already scarce resource that served a completely different purpose like cantina energy 2) there weren't multiple layers of RNG involved in getting something usable.

    Farming for mods is not fun. It is not linear, but it is better than it was since 100% drop rate was introduced. I understand that mods are a money maker, but is there anything that says they make more money because of the non linear progression. When I mod farm, I have to stop farming other characters that I could use for arena, tw, tb, raids, to have a chance at something useable. I have to roll the dice on 1) will I get a slot I need assuming I am doing the challenges 2) will i get the right primary for that slot 3) will it roll native speed 4) will the speed upgrade. That is a lot of layers of RNG involved. With so much RNG, it does not feel like progression. There is no sense of making progress on improving my mods since as we all know, speed is king.

    I think it would be easy to either uncouple mods from cantina energy or reduce the RNG in some way, like allowing us to reroll stats on a mod for a price, or something.

    I also would love some mod management tools, even if it was just something as similar to the squad management tool where I could have a preset for R2. When I had R2 opened up on mod management and I selected that set, as many of those mods that weren't equipped elsewhere would be equipped to him and those on other characters would stay there. It would also help to have a drop all mods from a character button as well as equip 6 mods to a character. When going into TW, I dread going through and throwing random mods on everyone...and then having to take them all off.

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  • The drop rates are terrible for toons I simmed over 300 cantina energy and maybe got 4 sith trooper shard's.
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    Anakin1125 wrote: »
    When are the gw store and arena store going to be updated?

    THIS! Very important question to get answered. They have been ignored for far too long!!
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