SWGOH: Q&A w/Producers - 3/17/18


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    Mods need a major overhaul.

    Rewards for events and raids need great improvement.

    When will we be able to use the following characters?

    1. Padme Amidala
    2. Jango Fett
    3. Bossk
    4. Snaggletooth
    5. 4-Lom
    6. Zuckuss
    7. Shaak-Ti
    8. Ki-Adi Mundi
    9. C-3P0 (Support character)
    10. FX-7 (Support character)
    11. R5-D4
    12. Nien Nunb
    13. Hondo Ohnaka
    14. Tessek (Squid Head)
    15. Weequay
    16. Saesee Tiin
    17. Quinlan Vos
    18. B1 Battle Droid
    19. Droideka
    20. Captain Panaka
    21. Klaatu
    22. Captain Typho
    23. Commander Bly
    24. Commander Gree
    25. Admiral Piett
    26. Admiral Trench
    27. Odd Ball
    28. Bail Organa
    29. Commander Appo
    30. Jar Jar Binks

    At least can we have a time frame for Padme and Jango?

    Thank you. May the Force be With You.
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    I feel the prioritization of fixes has given players the feeling that changes which could lead to sales happen very quickly, while changes that only impact the UX linger.

    For an example of a quick change, I would use the recent RJT expose change.

    For lingering issues, I would say the raid ticket counter and Teebo, both of which became into view soon after raids came into existence, but stayed as open issues for months on end.

    Is there anything you can add that would help the players feel like concerns that don’t generate revenue are put on the back burner? Thanks!
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    First off, thank you for taking the time to do this. If this becomes one of the methods to improve communication with players it is appreciated. I have two questions.
    1) We are only getting 2 total territory battles a month at this point. Before when the number of battles changed you increased the reward output for each of these, but that was before they went to 1 of each type a month. For a some people the shop currency rewards are the main reason for participation and at its current rate the effort of the event does not match the reward output that would be desired. Is there a plan to increase the reward output like before? Can this be considered? I understand the need to bottleneck gear and wampa/h.yoda shards but it's a major problem for lesser guilds who dont have the total GP to get the top end rewards – and this makes the gap between the top players and bottom players that much more significant.
    2) Is there a plan to do more with the ship content of this game? I've read a lot on various discussion sites like reddit and the forums and amongst my own guild members that as soon as it is possible to farm zetas then it's not worth the time to develop ships any further and resources could be better spent elsewhere. There have been many ideas floated around amongst players like a ship table – similar to cantina, light side, dark side battle, etc. – or at least an increase in ships in the game – like separatists, some more stuff for resistance and first order, red five, obi-wan's and Anakin's ships from ep 3. Can you provide enlightenment if there are plans coming for more ship content or even a ship raid?
    Thank you for your time.
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    I know you've said one question each, and I've already had one answered, so I don't expect an answer tonight.

    One of the answers you've given is the option to "auto-join" raids. This would be a fantastic addition!

    The three questions I want to add are;

    HAAT and HPit are old content, but are still required to progress new characters. Your MMO analogy is fair, to a point, but generally by the time older content has been trivialized, it can be skipped, because there are other viable options to obtain the needed gear. Are there any plans to make gear from older content more accessible to high end players, reducing the need to continue to farm old content?

    Why is there such a disparity between gear availability and need? Even with raid exlusive pieces, some will be obtaint much more often, and some will be needed a lot less. This leads to having hundreds of one piece, and a perpetual shortage of another.

    Are there any plans to address the random element of raid rewards? It's entirely possible for someone to put the absolute minimum amount of effort (post a 0, do nothing else) into the game, and get, objectively, better rewards than the person who comes first.
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    "Where's Kozispoon?"
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    Being invested in the game as a player offers a much different perspective than does being invested in the game as an employee/content developer.

    How many of the developers actually play the game, not play with certain elements as part of their job, but as real players with real accounts... having to log in many times a day to collect energy and do arena/raid/TB/TW/GW/challenge battles, and farm characters/gear/mods, and deal with horrid RNG, etc...? And how many of those actually play competitively, as opposed to logging into a light/casual account occasionally?

    Because, it seems that there is a huge disconnect between player's expectations regarding what's 'fun' to play, and how content is actually implemented. (e.g. Clicking the refresh button hundreds of times to get an arena matchup that is known to be possible to get. Or investing considerable resources into characters only to discover that they aren't working as described in their kits. Or having to use third party chat apps to communicate effectively with guild mates.)
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    I would like to take a moment to thank you to take the time to answer our questions and for directly addressing the issues of trust, communication, and transparency. I, for one, hope for a fruitful dialogue.

    As for a couple questions (in order I'd like answered, provided they haven't already been asked) :

    Given that we're part of a great and enthusiastic community--when planning and designing new modes of play and new features--how often do you take advantage of the community for brainstorming purposes? Alternatively, are there plans to brainstorm with us more?

    Any plans for a Territory Battle review period?

    Are there any plans to examine rewards in various modes of play--I'm mostly referring to the Sith raid and guild events, but a broader or more general scope is fine too--and retune them? (Preferably with more things we actually need for our characters!)

    Is CG willing to relax its secrecy standards in certain areas--such as what, in general, determines whether or not a guild is setting more teams for defense in Territory Wars--in favor of more transparency?

    Could you give us a hint about something that's coming up that you're particularly excited about? You know, before the next What's Ahead post.
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    Hello there...many thanks for answering.

    It was stated in April last year that Clones getting helmets was being looked at...has this had any movement at all? :D
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    Ships have been out for awhile, any plan for a ship raid?
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    Bounty Hunters are currently a staple in DS TB and have their own bonus in the Sith Raid. They haven't been updated in a long time, and there are several other bounty hunters in the universe who could be added (Jango, Bossk, Embo, Zuccus, Aura Sung, etc.). Will bounty hunters be getting a rework or new characters soon? They really need a tank and they really need a healer
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    I have 1 question, i didnt see it asked previously in this QA.

    Will Revan be added?
    and if so, when?
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    Hi, my question is around a couple ship shards. I happen to be part of a ship shard where many hundreds of dedicated players (whales) were all mashed together. These players could have started the game many months apart from each other. I personally have players in my arena shard that are on a ship shards where much less investment provides large rewards.

    I feel the arena shard compositions are fair because people who started playing together at the same time are matched up. In my ship shard and maybe a couple others this is not the case. I also don't think new players are pushed into ship shards that a many months old. Is there a reason this has not been addressed? All I am asking for is to be placed in a ship shard vs players who started during a similar time as myself. Thank you
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    While I think many of us understand and appreciate the use of the element of surprise about new content, we also know that limited, helpful information can increase excitement and help players prepare and feel ready for new content (example: teasers about Rey (JT) ahead of the first round of her event). What are your plans to balance surprise with hints to help players not feel like new events are impossible for those who can't spend to instantly power up the characters needed?
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    Hi guys, quick one here, how hard would it be for you to change it back to that missions and deployments could still be done after zone’s are deployed. Now that the officers have the ability to block out a zone that’s full, I feel that’s enough and we want to allow deployments and missions to be done when the phase is complete.
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    Here are my questions that i'd like an answer for:
    1. When are you going to hire game testers? Motivation of this question : every single crap you added was bugged beyond human understanding. It's like my 3yo daughter is developing stuff for you.
    2. Are you going to do anything regarding the fact that mods are 100% useless at the moment? Motivation for this question : In the current state of the arena everyone runs Palpatine lead with Vader and and the modding of the teams and hit order is completely YOLO because everyone gets full turn meter.
    3. How in the world did it occur to you that you should give away almost free mods? Motivation for this question : I spent like 4 months of daily 3-5 cantina refreshes for my mods and now everyone with a bit of luck and some unused credits can be exactly where I am.
    4. What kind of twisted thinking is behind the tenacity of the bosses in the sith raid? Motivation for this question : 80% of the characters in this game depend on debuffs. Did you know that? That game... you know it... c'mon... Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes? Does it ring any bells?
    5. Will you ever rework Jedi Consular in such a way that it **** on all p2p characters? Motivation for this question : you already did it with Palpatine, so why not?
    6. How does it feel to constantly lie to your player base? Motivation for this question : Upon release, you people said that Mother Talzin was not going to have the same route as other characters, but it'll only be achievable through events, hence the obvious question : How many of you are descendants of Pinocchio? Because you sure follow in his steps.
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    Can you explain how platoon decisions are made in TB phases 4-6? It's obvious the allotment is far from random, and seems to intentionally favor whale guilds by featuring characters that are not even available without spending hundreds of dollars. Even with F2P-available toons, it is heavily weighted for hard-to-find characters that are desperately needed for combat missions (particularly DS; for example, in today's platoons the 8 most-needed toons were all Empire, adding up to 73 slots just for those 8 toons, while there were 2 Empire-only CMs; meanwhile, only 9 Bounty Hunters were needed total)
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    First of all sorry about bad english since it is not my primary language.

    Due to the reduced TB in a month the player base is having and will have more difficult to earn enough currency to unlock and upgrade very powerful and important toons as such Hermit Yoda and Wampa.
    Do you intend to make TB more frequent again or even provide other sources of said currency?
    On a side note. I saw you guys have already ardessed the spare gear problem, but how about the carbanti mkIII (to name one) bottleneck? And the TAC gear which is virtually garbage? And how about those “garbage” gears as Raid rewards?

    Ty for the time and the effort
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    Arena is slowly becoming the only game mode that I enjoy. Why isn't practise mode against guild mates a thing? The most successful EA games have such modes that allow you to play without having to exhaust resources. Arena for guild mates needs to be a thing!
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    Please delete. Already addressed.
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    How are forum moderators selected and policed? Many users end up leaving and going to Reddit due to moderator harassment. It gets petty and vindictive on a number of occasions.
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    Hi ty for holding this Q and A
    1. Any chance we can have a date on new content Eg Hardware ? Coming soon for 12 months lol is not coming soon and how will this impact the way we battle with ships ? Personally I’ve been looking forward to this for quiet some time haha
    2. I understand you have a business to run but as a customer I do find that your promotional items aren’t what u call exciting I hope even if it’s rose shards for Valentine’s Day or when we hit a massive milestone of players on the game ...... there is nothing unlike other games which is a free factor or massively reduced price on an item I do realise you do this for new players but not us old timers whom have put in the hard yards is there any thing in the future that will also balance the pay to play and thanks for being pay to play factor ? I don’t think I’d mind spending bits here and there if I knew that I had an awesome chance of getting a sweet freebie here or there
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    Im fairly new, started late December messing around and started a new account late January after learning a lot of the intricacies about the game.

    My main question is your raid philosophy. I played WoW for many years so I am used to gearing from low raid to beat next, etc. What baffles me is my ability at lvl 76 to complete tier 3 of the Forest Moon meant for g10 and up at g8, yet in the sith raid just released, am pulling maybe 500k before enrage on tier 2, astonishingly designated for 2 star g3 toons..

    Do you sincerely believe new players seeing 2* g3 and entering the raid thinking they might dent it since they have 5/10/15 etc. chars at or above intended power level won't just give up and post 0's after doing .01% of one phases damage required?

    I enjoy the game and look forward to experiencing the lvl 85 " end game " one day, but doing this raid without 5 teams of fully modded g10 + chars even on tier 2 is pretty lame, and it's hard enough to properly mod even an arena team for most newer players due to RNG and credit cost.
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    I have only one question to ask:

    Why do raids still reward people with challenge gear when they are absolutely not required? Are they meant to increase frustration and if not, why are they still not removed?

    Please don't take this question as confrontational, i only want an honest response. Thank you for doing this :)
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    As more raids are added and event modes TB and TW. The game has become more time consuming and a chore. Thanks for the GW full Sim option BTW. Can we reduce the time it takes for TB either cut the phase down by half. Or add option for leaders to advance the phase to be over and open the new phase quicker.

    Can we have auto join for TW.

    Can we have tools to schedule raid launch times so it's more precise launch and allow members to see a scheduled raid countdown setup.

    Can we have portraits for selection during battle. This avoids the need for auto arrangement of toons. But let's us be able to select units without obstruction.
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    My previous post was a bit lengthy and probably difficult to answer. I’m guessing it was read but will not be answered at this time seeing where your taking a break mark is. Another question I have is about zetas.

    So many characters require zetas now, some multiple. Zetas are so hard to come by, and with the increasing need for them, is there any plan to make acquiring zetas a bit faster?
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    What is this crate silhouette...it has been there since I've been playing (11/6/2016) and it bothers me.....that is all thank you!!!
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    Attempt #3. When is General Grievous getting his rework that everyone wants?

    Plz tell me :)
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    I asked this question in the relevant thread and later to a mod and CG team member. It wasn't answered then but maybe tonight is my chance!

    I'm just curious what happened with JTR and the Sith raid. I'm not interested in a person (any single person could've made that mistake no doubt-I'm interested in how a team did it), but it seems like of all the things that would be extensively tested about a new raid, the newest of new characters would be included, especially considering its a hero's journey character and (to be blunt) the toon is quite good. In my mind its either the developers or someone over them who cut some testing. So the question: what happened with JTR and the Sith raid? How was her behavior with the raid not extensively tested? Its not as though we're talking about CUP here...

    Also, to voice a concern (not a question but just since it will hopefully get read) I would agree with those who have said the communication on the forum here is poor. This Q&A hopefully turns this in the right direction, but often when I ask hard questions or see others doing so, a mod is not far behind to remove that content, even if its not offensive or against any rules. It almost feels like the forum is censored in order to make the game look better, and not even by people working for CG...it has a real 1984 feel to it and this whole "open communication" mantra that this post aims at gets destroyed instantly. Furthermore if people start getting to asking questions in a rude manner, while it may be because they're just being rude, part of their rudeness might stem from the fact that the issue is overdue. The in game chat is gonna be my example of this now that the raid ticket bug has (finally) been fixed.
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    Hi I wanted to ask a question about the game and time investment. Is there anyway that we can decrease the amount of time needed for the game progression? If Rancor takes 15 minutes, aat takes 90 minutes, TB takes 90 minutes, and TW takes about 90 minutes, this makes for a lot of time in a week. Any plans on maybe at least helping lower the time the aat takes. Phase 3 takes awhile to eat through. Any help in this matter would be great.
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    CG_Carrie wrote: »
    Consider baseball card packs, or collectible card games like Magic: The Gathering, or even rolling dice in D&D or other table top games. A fundamental theme to these types of games -- both in the collection of characters and items as well as in the combat or gameplay -- is randomness and chance. Our game is a hybrid RPG / CCG (Role Playing Game / Collectible Card Game). And, like its predecessors, we likewise have random outcomes woven throughout the experience.

    I have never bought a pack of cards that had a random amount of cards in it.

    It was always a fixed amount of cards. That's not what your game does. You spend crystals for a chance at a random amount of character shards. If you wanted to make packs that always contained 12 shards for random characters, then you'd have an apt analogy, but this is not it.

    It's frustrating that you imply "this is always how it's been". It undermines your message of open communication.

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