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    Here are my questions that i'd like an answer for:
    1. When are you going to hire game testers? Motivation of this question : every single **** you added was bugged beyond human understanding. It's like my 3yo daughter is developing stuff for you.
    2. Are you going to do anything regarding the fact that mods are 100% useless at the moment? Motivation for this question : In the current state of the arena everyone runs Palpatine lead with Vader and and the modding of the teams and hit order is completely YOLO because everyone gets full turn meter.
    3. How in the world did it occur to you that you should give away almost free mods? Motivation for this question : I spent like 4 months of daily 3-5 cantina refreshes for my mods and now everyone with a bit of luck and some unused credits can be exactly where I am.
    4. What kind of twisted thinking is behind the tenacity of the bosses in the sith raid? Motivation for this question : 80% of the characters in this game depend on debuffs. Did you know that? That game... you know it... c'mon... Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes? Does it ring any bells?
    5. Will you ever rework Jedi Consular in such a way that it **** on all p2p characters? Motivation for this question : you already did it with Palpatine, so why not?
    6. How does it feel to constantly lie to your player base? Motivation for this question : Upon release, you people said that Mother Talzin was not going to have the same route as other characters, but it'll only be achievable through events, hence the obvious question : How many of you are descendants of Pinocchio? Because you sure follow in his steps.

    Not sure if i m allowed to answer

    1. I doubt your 3yo daughter can develop. Not to mention, bugs are always there with new content.
    2. Mods are useless? Say what? Speed mods? I m actually curious if you took off all your mods to experiment.
    3. Are we now insulting/complaining about them being too nice?
    4. Only zFinn, some rebels, Empire and Sith depend on debuffs. 99% of Jedi dont do debuffs at all. FO just tries to push damage. I guess Jyn/Cassian does, but Leia and Wiggs doesnt. JTR debuffs are unresistable. Empire is the only one suffering here, and even then imperial troopers dont really go through tenacity cehcks. Finn is dead, i guess, but thats one of the few teams that completely falls apart. And even then timing exposes can allow you to pick up damage.
    5. Again, say what? Palpatine was basically in this hole of not good enough before, according to the forums. So the dves made him better, and were still complaining?
    6. I m sure i can find a wording issue somewhere, but i m too lazy too.
  • Why is tenacity up so absolute in blocking any debuff but tenacity down is not and doesn't mean you will always land a debuff? Seems mismatched compared to the other buff/debuff 'pairs'
  • Also, any plans to get another tier level for the challenges any time soon?
  • Lots of great questions, and some good yet metered answers. People have already asked the main questions I had, so I'll move to something completely minor- are there any plans to revisit shard crystal costs in Shipments to account for character age. For example, Shore trooper and Baze. Shore came first and is still 80 crystals per shard (320 for 4). Baze came after, and is 50 crystals per shard (150 for 3). What is the reasoning for individual shard costs?
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    My question is about the insane gear grind. Looking through my roster, I have found that by far, the biggest limiting factor is Rancor (The Pit) level gear drops. I have a very mature roster with around 20 gear 12 characters. The fact is that when a player decides to move a character from g11 to g12, it can take a month or more (depending on raid drops) to get there.

    With that in mind, players like myself, that have played for over 2 years (every. Single. Day.), are bottlenecked by literally thousands of pieces of this older content gear.

    Is there any plans to offer relief from this monotonous gear grind? I understand it’s about utilizing my resources, but after 2 years and several raids later, I’m still needing Rancor gear just to get my characters in position for the long haul to gear 11 and gear 12.

    For newer players, this must come as a total shock and deterrence. Other games add gear drops that bring characters nearer to the current gear level/requirements.
  • Have you guys thought about doing a ship raid? I think it would be a great addition to the game; it would make ships more useful, besides arena. You could make he rewards lukes xwing.
  • Is there a reason why the EA Helpdesk cannot or will not manually grant the rewards from the first Darkside Territory Battle for those of us who are still missing them?

  • Are there any more plans in the works for the sith raid?
    Many have talked about the unbalanced factors of it. I find myself struggling to keep guildmates from quitting the game over the frustration of this new raid and with the nerf and the short notice of JTR, I'm at a loss.
    If no changes to the raid, can you give us something positive to look forward too? (Please be Jango)
  • Nice to see you cherry pick questions...
  • As a player who recently came back after a very long break, are there any plans to add some kind of catch up mechanics for returning players? I get that I'll always be behind, but knowing I need to farm like 12 different chars from cantina just for the chance to do fights like r2/palpatine etc makes getting any mods at all seem like a pipe dream since they're on the same energy timer.
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    Pretty sure that no one else has asked this yet but are there any plans to reduce the time investment needed per player per day?
    A dedicated player will spend approximately per day:
    1 hour climbing/refreshing Squad Arena targets
    1 hour climbing/refreshing Fleet Arena targets
    0.5 hour on Miscellaneous log in for bonus energy, store check, farming nodes, completing dailies.
    0.5 hour HAAT/Rancor (Assuming they are run every 2 to 3 days)
    1 hour TB/TW (Might need less if not juggling mods for optimal performance)
    2 hour for Sith Raid (We are all still learning the raid but even after we do, there’s mod shuffling and repeated attempts to try to log an optimal run and 2 hour is a very kind estimate)

    That’s about 6 hours a day, almost like a job and no where near the time investment that a Mobile game should require. All this is just in game and does not include any out of game Theorycrafting, Forum/Reddit reading, YouTube watching and Discord coordination. Simming GW was a good QOL update but that only saved 10-15 mins a day.

    As mentioned in the first line, will there be any plans to reduce the time commitment required per player per day going forward?
    Edit: If the answer is Yes there are plans, I hope that some elaboration will accompany it. I’ve seen that in another answer, there are plans to fix Arena target refreshing which should help a little to reduce the time commitment required. Thank you in advance and Happy St Patrick’s Day!
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    Can you give us a little insight why bounty hunters are becoming so important?
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    One last question. I have heard about exceptions being made for people and their arena payout times. I have moved several time zones away from where I was when I was locked into an arena payout. My arena payout now falls in the middle of the afternoon and I am unable to competitively battle. As someone with several years and money invested into this game, it’s disappointing that I can’t further my investment with the key method for acquiring crystals.

    Is there any way to help people that are in this situation?
  • Do you know what the definition is for QOL everytime you have a QOL update the game gets longer i don't have 12hrs a day to do everything this game requires i do what i can to help my guild but for people new to the game you've made it unplayable without a guild and alot of guilds don't want players under a certain GP because it hinders them
  • Hi there. Thanks for taking the time to engage. I would just like to ask about daily challenges and raid rewards. Will there be a new level introduced to challenges to provide more useful high level gear? Challenges being simmable gives us "free" gear, and I think everyone would be very happy with a daily event we cant sim but can do 5 times (without crystal refresh charges) and that will provide us with better quality gear, that we actually need at higher levels. The raids I complete rarely provide me with raid gear and definitely doesn't reward the effort I've put into playing the game. many of our guild just register 0 damage and wait for payout, raids and challenges need to reward the time we put in. The current challenge rewards are great for what they require vs what the give (maybe tac can receive some love) but raids are in a shambles because spending over an hour on tank and getting nothing useful is disheartening.
  • Can we, one day, change our PVP payout time? This is by far the biggest thing that one day will make me quit. Change it or make it BEST OF THE DAY!
  • Why does every level of territory wars need more teams now on defense when it was specifically stated only the top tier?
  • Has the discussion of next tier challenges gained any ground? If so, can you elaborate?
    Still waiting on that edit forum profile setting so I can change my name...
  • First off, this is amazing! Thank you for taking your weekend to talk with the community. I hope this possibly becomes a new reoccurring event. I have seen a lot of people post repeat questions. I haven't seen this answered or asked, but please skip it if something similar gets answered. And thanks again!

    I love that you have updated the tickets stats for guilds, but are there any plans to help improve player stats for guild officers? It takes many of my guild officers lots of time to track daily raid tickets since there is no "tickets yesterday" or "tickets last week" stat. It would also be great to see in raids and TW who didn't sign up. TW currently shows who did offense and who did defense, but not who didn't do offense or defense in any of the 3 stat screens. TBs have the most comprehensive stats, but they disappear as soon as the TB finishes and you can't easily track who participated in each combat, just how many people have done combat on a node and separately how many different combat battles each person had completed. Some of these advanced tracking features would truly improve my life a ton.
  • Are there any plans to release Snoke, Paige and/or Praetorian Guard from the Last Jedi ?
  • This is more a suggestion than a question: have the devs considered a Live action item tracking mechanism like Trello for bug & item tracking? Agile development Tools like these were created for projects with high feature and bug turnaround time especially games - like SWGoH.
    They focus on transparency & live progress updates - basically a Live billboard of action items in various states of progress that can be viewed by players as a summary of all items noted by the team and also used internally by the dev team to organize and prioritize their work.
    This way, communication is made easier and hopefully faster, while players can see for themselves if something bothering them is really noticed by CG and the devs teams. Games like Subnautica (not sure if posting a link to their Trello here is against the rules...) utilize this to impressive effect.
    I realize these tools and methodologies might be probably very obvious to a team as developed and mature as EA/CGs, but I just had to ask and compare...
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    Having endured from nearly day one of this game... is there any possibility that RNG can be removed from Arena refreshes (for matching opponents)? That would be a *huge* QoL improvement for those of us who want to get arena done on a daily basis without sitting there hitting the refresh button 1000s of times.


    PS I will add, this is one of those low-effort, high-return items, imho, in the sense it would demonstrate to me (and probably many other players) that you actually respect our time spent in this game. Lately, the biggest beef that makes me want to quit the game is the sheer lack of respect your development team demonstrates in the game design for the most simple factor... our time.

    I find it impossible to devote the 2+ hours daily to this game that it demands at this point and it's becoming a strong argument for me to put it down and move on, despite my undying love of the Star Wars universe.

    SWGoH Ally Code: 988-869-147 GM of [Elite Casual]
    May the Force be with you.
  • Okay, while it's nice to get an answer about upcoming characters, but that wasn't the question I singled out. I wanted to know why we don't have a Rogue One faction tag. You can single out Rogue One light side characters for the tb battles, but we can't select them on character select.
  • Are there any plans to add simming for bronziums and or Darth revan?
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  • Any idea of the shard and gear drop being fixed how is it okay I do 20 battles and I get 1 shard
    Was this the way it was intended
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    Would it be possible to update/change the daily challenge gear rewards to items that are in more demand? And would you consider removing challenge gear from the raid rewards?
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    So the game has a certain schedule where we can collect energy at set times during the day and of course when the payout is for our arenas. Will there be an option to change these set times if we move to a different country or have it at a time that is more convenient where the majority of us have family commitments to prepare dinner at around 6pm?

    I believe because of this current model for the arena, it has created communities where players take turns in taking first for the day which I imagine is not intended. Will there be a different way for the game to determine who is the best?
  • [CVG] This is obviously a very touchy subject. Aspects of chance and random outcomes have existed in games and collection activities throughout the ages. Consider baseball card packs, or collectible card games like Magic: The Gathering, or even rolling dice in D&D or other table top games. A fundamental theme to these types of games -- both in the collection of characters and items as well as in the combat or gameplay -- is randomness and chance. Our game is a hybrid RPG / CCG (Role Playing Game / Collectible Card Game). And, like its predecessors, we likewise have random outcomes woven throughout the experience.

    RNG is one thing, but your game is far too heavily weighted against the player. You compare the game to card collecting, yet there is an ability to get any given card from multiple sources and no one card is necessary to be used if it is not readily available to every player and every card in the deck does not cost $300 to obtain. Your outcomes are not very random, they are a joke and 99% of the time predictable, where there is a minimum stated, you will 99% of the time get the minimum. Rolling dice? If I roll a set of dice 10 times it is nearly impossible to roll tbe exact same number combo 3 times in a row ie snake eyes the lowest possible number. I can use crystals to buy a card pack in the game with a chane to get between 5 to 330 pieces, it has been shown that the odds of getting anything other than 5-7 pieces are nearly 0, that isn't chance or random, that is a fixed and biased system masked to look random.
  • NR] I mentioned this in an earlier question, but we try new things with each of our new content releases with our feature systems. There were things we liked about the way Phoenix and Rogue One were treated in LSTB and things we didn't like. We tried something new with DSTB. At some point, we'll evaluate both Hoth Territory Battles and determine if there's adjustments we need to make to the underlying experience. There are no combat or special Nightsister nodes for thematic reasons. Hoth is a battle between the Empire and the Rebels.

    Exactly who could forget those epic phoenix and rogue one battles against the empire on Hoth
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