Should Boss Health in P4 of T6 Be Reduced?

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So just ran JTR p4. Usually getting 7-8M post nerf in p2/3. Got less than 2M for about 3% damage on Bosses.
Frustrated how little damage we’re doing in P4 and think that Boss health should be reduced FURTHER. Concerned will take our 125+ gp guild about 3-4 days or more just on this last phase. T6 for us takes more than a week. Seems way too long. Guys may even start losing interest in the raid or QUIT. Sure that CG don’t want that.

Should Boss Health in P4 of T6 Be Reduced? 23 votes

Yes. Reduce it by more than 20%
Ace5PotatoManmaraJade789No_TryIdraRageMhann_Uhdea1Captain_ApolloBaldusiDarthTacoMinetaridgedomedog2spicynachosupreme1phoenixdk95YanM123NikarahChaoscoreNanaSpyro324 18 votes
Yes. Reduce it by less than 20%
UltimateSeaDogJordylee24darkjedi041681vegainz 4 votes
Don’t reduce it at all.
Naraic 1 vote
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