Need help for next r2 event

I have tarken and magmatrooper at seven stars, with Vader Oly ten shards from seven. Thrawn and palp I missed the seven star for them last time so they are at six and five stars. So from tarken Vader and magma I need two more easy empire characters to add to this team. My closest to seven stars are snow storm and palpatines guard. Or should I get someone else.


  • Tie Fighter Pilot is one of the first empire chars most people farm due to r2 use and high end fleet arena and stormtrooper only competes with chopper as far as chars used do legendary events. Hopefully your CLS chars are ready cuz tie and RG are both cantina
  • I did RG hard nodes and still could have just not done it and waited for Ally points! What a waste because R2 is taking forever.
  • You've gotten 33 full RG pulls in 3 months from bronziums? Pretty good luck
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