Empire team makeup for r2

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edited March 2018
With it coming somewhere in the next couple weeks (hopefully) I'm looking at finally getting my r2 going. 5* and 6* I'm not worried about. Getting him at 7* is another headache.

My Emperor is only 6* I do not see them having another event for him before we see another r2. My thrawn is only 5*, and so is my veers.

I'm trying to get input if this team would be viable to unlock 7* or if I'm s.o.l. for the time being

tarkin 85 g9 lead
Vader 85 g10
Snowtrooper 85 g9
Rg 85 g9
Tfp 85 g9

Ide like to shoot for cls on his next go arround and r2 is my only roadblock. Thanks for any input you may have unless its suggesting that I run emp lead for 7* because that means you don't retain what you read in the span of 5 sentences.


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