Darth Nih working properly

So not sure what is happening here, maybe someone can help clear up what I am seeing.

Phase 1 starts out good. Squad is not the issue. Knock his protection out, kill shield minion, focus Nih. 2 shields available for use. Nih gets to 3 turns away from charge, does drain life ability and then instantly charges in the same turn. no chance to apply the absorption to any of my characters.

keep playing. Now and for the rest of the turns until he enrages, I am able to get a shield up at 1 turn prior to charge being able to be used and Nih either refuses to charge or 'dispels'? the shield from my character, and then charges. I have only gotten the timing correct once and that was only because I had 3 shields available.

What am I doing wrong?

I also noticed Nih will exclusively attack STH, Rey Scavanger, Poe, FO Officer and Thrawn if they are in the rotation. otherwise his attacks are not focused and very random.

thank you.


  • Platzman
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    Just read his abilities thoroughly here:

    Drain Force

    Deal Special damage to all enemies. For each debuffed enemy struck, their cooldowns are increased by 1 and Annihilate's cooldown is decreased by 1. This ability ignores Protection and deals bonus damage equal to 30% of each target's Maximum Health.

    First time he hit some debuffed guys. Second time he did not (either they were not debuffed or they evaded).
  • ChickenFett139
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    Except that if a character is protected by the unbreakable will, NIH reduces them to 10% health. So how is he removing unbreakable will before he charges. If the buff lasts lasts for one turn, then it should not disappear if it’s activated and the next move is NIH charging. Yet, That’s exactly what is happening.
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