Heroic AAT Phoenix Solo P4 (Credits to Medatec of Hera's Cell for the idea and the demo)

Thought I'd share this, since I just solo'd hAAT P4 with my Phoenix. A- to B mods too (didnt move anything off my arena, raid or TB squads).


all 5 zeta'd (yes, I know). But this is more of a way to further use Phoenix than to suggest a team for guilds on the verge of hAAT.

general idea:

1. Zabine AOE and Ezra to take out B2s, side cannons and top cannon within the same turn. (DO NOT use Ezra flourish)

2. After topple, Kanan to use Total Defense on Ezra. Ezra to use Flourish (and gain 95% TM), then call Hera with Watch and Learn to gain more TM.

3. 2 turns have passed on Ezra. His foresight expires and Kanan takes a turn. all other Phoenix gain 50% TM again.

4. Use hera Play to Strengths to call Kanan and give him 50% TM.

5. Kanan to use Intervene (damage) and expire his foresight.

6. Kanan gains 100% TM and gives Foresight to Ezra again.

Rinse and repeat. Aim for about 10% per topple (you can do this in 5-6 topples if you're fast).


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