Sith Raid TM not WAI

When Nihilus has barely a quarter TM or maybe even half his TM bar filled, so you think you have time before you need to use the shield, but then he jumps ahead and takes his turn out of turn using annihilate on you. This is an issue as you can't plan for it.
Resetting the game over and over and over again to try to get a decent run is getting old fast. This is by no means a fun raid.


  • leef
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    He gains 30 speed whenever he takes damage, so i'm not sure if it actually isn't WAI. After a few his he becomes crazy fast.
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  • NicWester
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    You need to read ALL his abilities.

    That's what the adds are for. They give you something to hit that won't give Defense Down to feed Annihilate's cooldown, won't give protection if it's a basic attack, and won't speed Nihilus up.
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  • Vampire_X
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    Good community information @leef @NicWester
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