EP "meta" vs. mirror - why other DV is always going first?

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OK, so I am a little late to the EP party. I have been happily using a MT lead team or Rex if I face an EP lead. Problem is both fall like rocks on defense (yes I know nothing holds on defense, but still). With Rex I can drop 80 spots! I am normally around 30-15 at payout on an old shard.

My question - I finally setup my EP team - EP, DV, DN, Thrawn, GK. Normal, right? Zetas are placed where needed (EP lead, DN, etc). I also have good mods on them, mainly speed on the 4 and health/prot on GK.

All 4 of my speed guys have more speed vs. the mirror team. Their DV goes first. Always (at least so far). I tried 5 matches tonight for fun. Every time - they went first. I also went up against a SiT instead of GK but same thing happened - their DV went first. Force Crush, culling, TM up, etc... I am down from the start. I actually won 3 of those still but two I was beat to a pulp.

What gives? I checked every one of their squad and I was faster on every single toon.

When I check squads it is always Thrawn fastest, then EP/DN and then DV is around the low 200's. I have my squad set the same. Am I doing something wrong?

If it is a coin flip then I am getting bad RNG over and over but it doesnt make sense if I am faster from the start. If it sticks to being a coin flip I'll stay with Rex, I win 95% of those matches against EP and swap out to my EP to blend in for the final match. I find that holds better on defense if I become white noise on the shard vs. sticking out! There are several Rex up top but they all swap payouts and are beaten back quickly.


  • scuba
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    What is the comp you are going against?
    Your gk will give opponent DV more speed and give your none.
  • You're missing vader's new ability where he gains speed based on allies and opponents. GK is slowing down your Vader while speeding up theirs.
  • Riktoven2
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    Are the other teams you are facing using GK like you, or do they replace him with Shore or Sith Trooper? If you run GK, and they run Shore or Sith, their Vader will have a 24 point speed advantage not reflected in the stats.
  • ASD_Dad
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    Total mirror - EP, DV, DN, GaT, GK other than the one that was Sith Trooper.

    I'm using GK because he is GK... he's always been the standout tank! He also has really high HP/Prot with mods.

    I am all G12. I have a G11 SiT or Shore that have about half the HP/Prot that GK has. Should I swap to them?

    If I do I should go first 100% vs. the more common GK teams I see, right? Still doesnt explain why GK vs. GK they go first if I am faster base. I was 15 points higher DV vs DV in one match.

    My Sion is only 3* and is staying there until I can farm him after the whole raid mess and "fix"... Wont be adding him anytime soon!
  • I'd go check again. If it's a straight mirror, the faster vader will always go first. It's not random.
  • ASD_Dad
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    I cant believe I got it wrong five times in a row but I will attempt again before next payout! I would love to be wrong, been playing too long to miss something that obvious!

    GK has always been The super tank to have on any team. Am I better off going with Shore or Sith? I honestly see way more GK vs. those two (or Sion).
  • Huatimus
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    Your DV loses out on an opportunity to gain 8 speed when using GK.
    Your opponent’s DV has an extra 8 speed when using Sith/Empire tank.
    That’s a total difference of 16 speed, that’s why you go second even vs a Vader who is 15 speed slower...
  • jjkriv
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    Im losing turns from my thrawn lately,If I go 1st-Vader AOE,Cull,thrawn-move turn meter to EP but for some reason the enemy thrawn is going?this is basically a game over situation.Im basically losing a turn here when i could just fracture some1,it doesnt happen all the time but its super annoying against taunts.I run a full empire/Sith team so I get the bonuses as welk as my opponent..this clearly cant be working as intended.
  • ASD_Dad
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    I subbed in Shore and went first every battle today. I then dropped (Shore is G11) 10 spots immediately after payout. Maybe I was just looking at things wrong last night with GK in there.

    Trying to decide who I really want to run with EP/DV. I am thinking of adding in DK and DT along with another. Anyone try them under EP lead?
  • Don't use GK in that team.. everyone using it is wrong.
  • ASD_Dad
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    My Sion is 3* and G7. Even if I gear him up at 3* I'll be a bigger target than running Rex I think. SiT and Shore are close to g12 so I'll keep plugging at them.
  • Goodgil
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    GK just doesn't work under EP, especially in mirror matches. You'll lose 8 speed on Vader from having a non Sith/Empire ally, while the enemy Vader will get 8 from having one and another 8 for a Jedi enemy. The minute you'll be willing to switch a +24 speed mod for a no speed mod on your arena team, I'll consider listening to a case for GK.
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