Darth Sion zeta broken, again

Darth Sion is not attempting to inflict pain on raid boss sion. Not saying resisted, jiffy not doing it. I have submitted a bug as well. This is extremely frustrating as we are in a heroic attempt currently.


  • HK666
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    It's working just fine in GW. In half in hour I can test for t4 of the raid
  • Dwest
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    They nerfed him in the raid
  • HK666
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    edited March 2018
    I hope you are referring to bonds of weakness not proccing the unique anymore

    It worked just fine against Traya when I just tested it. T4 P3

    Edit- I see now that you specified Sion, so p2 or p4. I see no reason why it would work in p3 but not before (and it worked fine yesterday against p2, but there has been an update) other than a bug. Would get video evidence and some other people to back you up
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