501st Combat Studies Group (94M+ GP) Recruiting!

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501st Combat Studies Group


About us:
- Very social, active members (and MEMES)
- Strong, knowledgeable, experienced players
- Updated Information on in-game news (actually discord bots for news but still xD)
- Strategy-sharing (Raid discussion etc)
- Open communication: We’re on Discord!
- Back-to-back raids (24-hr 0 damage)

Who we are looking for:
- 1.5M-2M GP
- Active, friendly members
- Level 80+
- 600 Raid Tickets Daily
- high Raid/ TW/ TB participation (47/48 members normally)
- Requesting and Donating gear
- Progression-focused

***Imperial troopers roster get bonus marks*** (we are short on farming IPD)

Contact us!
Guild Officer: Aplus
Ally Code: 241-787-279

Hello everyone,

We are a 94M+ guild currently recruiting members from all over the galaxy! We have come a very long way and currently have several openings that need to filled. So if you're interested do send me a PM and I will pop you an invite. We strongly encourage our members to use discord given that we need to make sure that our members can compile with rules in HAAT, TB, TW and Rancor.

If you feel like you'd be a good fit, message me on here or leave a comment!

Thank you, and may the force be with you all.
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