2018 Empire Team

So far I've been running Ep (lead), Vader, Thrawn, Tarkin, TFP. I'm looking for suggestions on peoples empire team compositions as well as zeta priorities.
My top ideas are:
Ep, Vader, Thrawn, Stormtooper, Shoretrooper (long farm but I think he's 4 star viable)
Same but replace DT with stormtrooper
Tarkin lead, Vader, Palp, Shore, Storm


  • Poxx
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    Running zzEP (L), Vader, DK, zDT, zzThrawn.

    Holds well enuf...top 25. Makes offense easy.
  • I run the same with both EP zetas and the zeta on Vader's unique. I lose to faster Vader's, as does just about everyone running that comp. DT/DK are a great pair and work well together, but neither are an easy farm. There are a few shores on the shard, but honestly the tank doesn't help all that much - it just gets fractured, then if the opponent is running Thrawn and fractures your Thrawn (which is likely because of the size of his health + prot pool) then it's a very easy match. I'm gearing a four star Sion to be able to plug-in, but am not close to Nihilus, which is where the real synergy lives. Thinking next zeta is probably Tarkin's unique over ebb and flow because he's essentially functioning as a tank and the TM Removal / Offense Down benefits are pretty substantial against all comps (and I'm a late September start, so there aren't any Chimaeras yet - the zeta keeps you faster than everyone else if it comes down to TIE Swarm).
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