Health of non Heroic

Has it ever been explained why the health on non heroic raids is so excessively high?
I'm in a 125M GP guild that is still a few weeks away from being able to complete heroic but T6 is such a mind numbing grind.
Shouldn't reduced rewards be punishment enough for not being in a guild strong enough to conquer heroic rather than being subjected to this soul crushing grind?
Our raid participation is dropping and it is even starting to rub off on other phases of the game.
I'm hoping there has been a rational explanation for this at some point from the devs.


  • FieldL
    96 posts Member
    T6 always has higher HP than heroic.
  • That's a technicality, the OP has a very valid point. The extremely boring raid with useless rewards is not only causing people to skip the raid itself but also causing people to play less in general. Our tb and tw participation is way down, and sith raid participation is under 50%.
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