Earn rare rewards!!!

That's what it says on the r2 mythic event but my rewards were everything but rare... 2 days, 6 attempts and not a single mod I can use. The best mod I got had 9 speed, which makes it at best a temporary mod for 3rd or 4th TW team plus the primary isn't good on it.

The rest didn't even have speed for me to even upgrade them! May one other and that didn't upgrade so it's trash

Meanwhile my guild mate posts a +21 speed mod on discord which makes me so jealous... I don't see why the mods can't be more consistent, heck why not IDENTICAL. I mean what's the purpose of making that RNG? Why not just give everyone the same mods and leave the use up to them.

How do you justify one person having a +21 speed mod and another getting a 9? I mean my highest mod after months of farming is +18 so how can you just give someone a mod with +21 when everyone else can't have it?

This totally ruins competiveness and skill and promotes luck and RNG. Anyways, I'm not mad that my guildie got a great mod, I just would have enjoyed it alot more of I got a decent mod as well...


  • Identical mods ruins the idea of modding, which was a way to "customize" your character. While it is true that speed is the king stat, offense, protection, crit chance and damage still run around trying for the second spot and actually matter to different toons. Giving everyone the same mods ruins modding.

    We all know RNG sucks. but its here to stay, do you might as well get used to it.
  • I got one +11 and a guild mate got a beauty with +22 speed. All you can say is RNG is the same for everyone; it's just that - an individual randomised outcome.
    We are all blessed or cursed by it on different occasions.
  • Daishi
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    I'm glad mods are random. If they weren't they'd just be another gear level and that's boring. Having something yo chase makes for fun
  • Got an +30.... and in my one month farm 4 or 5 others (+30 arrows...) its just rng, hold on, you'll get your +30 arrows.... its just a matter of time....
  • KueChael
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    Rare just means purple and Gold mods -imo

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  • TVF
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    The final tier includes G12 salvage.
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  • Kyno
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    No matter the source all mods follow the "same" upgrade path. You can't expect mods to upgrade differently based on where you got them.
  • Anderle wrote: »
    Got an +30.... and in my one month farm 4 or 5 others (+30 arrows...) its just rng, hold on, you'll get your +30 arrows.... its just a matter of time....

    He meant +21 as a SECONDARY stat, which is insane.
    30 speed arrows are cool and all, but they can't compare in value to this.
  • TVF wrote: »
    The final tier includes G12 salvage.

    This is what I take it to mean by rare rewards.
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