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I’ve been playing the game almost since it was released, yet I don’t have enough GW finishes to sim it because of kitten like this. It was impossible for me to beat, then I finally had enough decent squads built up to finish about 70% of them time... then you change it and it becomes nearly impossible again... then I get some decent squads built up and you change it again. If you’re going to give the advantages of the game play to those that choose to spend $$, at least give us FTP players the option to move to a different group where it's not completely full of PTP players!!!!!
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    Your picture didn't work, it needs to be a web link. I use Igmur.

    The best f2p option to clear any team in GW is resistance under zFinn.

    It has nothing to do with f2p vs p2p. Its difficult and gets easier later in game, but it takes focus on a specific goal of you want it to happen quicker.
  • I have to disagree, respectively... it’s about gearing and improving characters and the gear drops are horrible for a few specific pieces that are needed by too many characters. So... I am stuck moving forward in the game with specific milestones that are completely pointless because it’s not gear or shards that I can use to make any progress.

    The screen shot was/is a team in GW that is impossible to beat for someone in my position because of this... I typically ignore playing levels in GW at this point because I don’t care to spend 20 plus minutes getting to the last couple tiers just to come up against a squad that is impossible to beat where I’m not really getting much for my time. Inclusion of simming GW is nice for those that aren’t “behind the 8 ball” for the game.
  • Or, you could try building a highly synergistic squad that is capable of handily thrashing several aspects of the game , which in turn will allow you better progression rates. As such, you could view it this way, play for today, and get nowhere fast, or play for tomorrow and get things done.
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    I was in a similar situation than yours a while ago. Most of my toons were picked from here and there (Phasma lead, Kylo, Bobba, Rey and Maul) and they were nice and powerful, but not enough to complete the series of combats of the GW untill the end every time. Luck in the matchmaking was the key, and that lead to frustration.
    Everything changed when i got the complete squad of Rogue One (Jyn lead, Cassian, K2SO, Chirrut and Malbus), then I learned that sinergies are the key, not luck anymore. I’m in love with this team and makes me smile every time I play it.
    On top of that, now I have backups for the difficult fights or specific ones (empire and sith against enemies mostly jedis, First order, etc.). They are poweful, but my Rogue One team has the endurance I needed, and the rest of the teams provide them support.

    When I find a Nightsister team like the one you show (or even worse) i send the FO squad on a suicide mission, with the only goal of reducing the enemy protection or even kill some of the rivals. Then my main team finishes the job leaving the fight with no losses 9 times out of 10. If something goes wrong during the fight, i quit and repeat until it works.

    I read a while ago that the difficulty of the GW is determined by the power of the best 5 characters on your inventory. Make sure you have some spare teams before you keep pushing your main one.
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    Unless there are god mods and a few zetas involved there gear x nightsisters is something any player who has been playing for a six months should be able to handle never mind one who is playing since release.

    Zeta Palpatine, Phoenix, Imperial troopers are three common teams that very well against nightsisters with a gear disadvantage and are relatively common.
  • Not everyone has Zetas!!!!! Nobody should HAVE to have a zeta to be able to take out one single character from a squad... I tried 6 to 7 different squads with very minimal progress. So, NO, not any player should be able to take this squad out.
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    WakkoJoe wrote: »
    Not everyone has Zetas!!!!! Nobody should HAVE to have a zeta to be able to take out one single character from a squad... I tried 6 to 7 different squads with very minimal progress. So, NO, not any player should be able to take this squad out.

    Any chance of sharing your Nightsisters is an awkward squad for many squads to counter but if you have been playing for over two years you should have at least one clear counter.

    Also if you have been playing since release and you don't have zetas that's a choice.
  • The game isn’t the same for everyone... there are a lot of variations, and decisions have consequences that can span long periods of time. I’m not sure what your history is in the game but I can guarantee that you have not been given the same path as I have; therefore it would be impossible for you to really understand where I’m coming from on this. There seem to be certain situations and variations that are dependent on game level where there should not be. Just because someone has reached level 85 does not mean they have progressed with specialized squads that can handle various idiosyncrasies within the group they have been placed; maybe you can relate in some other facets of the game but for me, gaining the gear I need to progress is the part that keeps me from enjoying the “grind”. I am sure you have good intentions, but the gaps in gear levels make it impossible at times and the drop rates for certain things do not help. There are events that describe their interim level as suggested for level 75 where I cannot finish with level 85 characters... mods/gear make a huge difference in situations where they maybe should not...????? I could probably provide a laundry list of issues I perceive as being a problem, but you (and others) are just not going to care because of whatever reasons you feel justify your beliefs and in that same instance I will feel the opposite because that’s just how it is. Until you have seen and played the game from my eyes/history, you will never understand my frustration with running into situations like this that I have seen all too often. I have been running into this situation in GW since day one and this is the reason I continue to only play it once a day, just to get my daily challenges completed... it is truly sad though, because, for a while when I first started getting some decent squads together, I did enjoy it; then they changed it for what they claimed was “fairness” which dropped me right back to where I was, not completing it half the time I tried... and trust me when I say, I was happy to finish it 60 to 70 percent of the time, but I can’t feel good about it when it’s a 50/50 (or less) shot that I can get past the last 2 battles.
  • I guess it's going over your head to provide a or roster list, which would enable help or ideas, which in turn could help you get somewhere, instead it appears you solely wish to complain about the game and how your mistreated in your eyes. Sorry bout your luck?
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    You can beat NS with Veers + Imperial troopers fairly easily. They also fall to Palp lead teams if you have him. It doesn't take a p2p team to beat NS.
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