When you tap on a gear piece on the stores

Sometimes when you tap on a gear piece to see which characters need it, it will show only some of them. I noticed cause I knew one of my pilots needed a piece and when I went to confirm I saw the bug.

Once you back out and a click a second time the list will load properly. Has anyone else noticed the same bug?


  • Doxige
    94 posts Member
    Happened to me with a gear of CLS today
  • AnnerDoon
    1108 posts Member
    Yep. I always double tap when I really need to know who needs a particular piece.
  • Been like that for a long time.
  • It seems related to a piece of the gear being part of a bigger gear piece (like the mk5 stun gun requires a carbanti, which is a slot item by itself). I did not know it properly loads on your 2nd click, ty a lot for that!
    This issue is present in the guild donations as well.
  • Kyno
    20085 posts Moderator
    Yep i have seen this, but it doesn't happen all the time.

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