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    i'm sure your comment is mostly ignored because people prefer complaining over understanding, but you've actually helped me out. Mistook his 2 moves for 2 turns because the CD timer went down.

    As long as some people are getting something out of it!
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    Given that "enjoyable" is highly subjective, you are going to need to be a bit more specific than that.

    I don't enjoy the inconsistent behavior with when DN gets to use annihilate or not. Sometimes its got a CD of 1 remaining, and after his first basic attack it goes down to zero and he annihilates one toon. Usually the CD doesn't change though until after he has taken both moves, leaving annihilate for the following set of actions he gets. (And no I'm not talking about him using force drain for his first action - that while annoying, is at least predictable).

    I do enjoy fighting against Sion and Traya though, so... what do you mean by enjoyable?

    If his basic attack dispels any buffs it reduces the cooldown of Drain Force AND Annihilate by 1. So if Annihilate is on a cooldown of 1, he uses his basic and strips any buffs, the cooldown is reduced immediately and he can use annihilate. When that's the case try to make sure someone uses the shield skill while they have a buff so he's forced to attack them, and then annihilate. If the person with the shield skill isn't buffed, but others are you're kinda screwed. At that point just retreat and let RNG take you away yet again.

    Now, I didn't say this was enjoyable, just pointing out that Annihilate isn't random. Phase 1 is just a huge turn-off to most guilds that aren't extremely competitive, while I like that they've started making more use of raid mechanics with the Sith Raid, P1 is much more difficult to manage than the others which is rather annoying.

    I may be mis-reading what you say but, nihilus sometimes gets annihilate useable on his bonus action (which you've prepared for and used the shield) but then just does a normal attack rather than use it, meaning you've wasted a shield, and next turn he uses it and you're screwed. It's WAI as per the devs, but it's making it a bigger time sink having to retreat if this happens early to one of your better toons.

    Fyi I enjoy the raid and attack all phases every day, I can just understand people's frustrations.

    Agreed. The unpredictability of DN isn't fun, it's frustrating. All the other elements of this Raid I like (except maybe the health pools are too high in T1-6), but Annihilate shouldn't reduce cool down by 1 for removing a buff if the in game toon doesn't do the same. Plus, when he doesn't prioritize annihilate for his attack when the counter is at 0 you're left with a situation where the next toon you can use to put up defensive shield may not get a turn before him and you're sunk.

    Priorities of Nihilus:
    1) Summoning the Sith Assassin + Sith Marauder
    2) Annihilate
    3) Drain Force
    4) Basic

    Basic Removing a buff reduces cooldown of Drain Force AND Annihilate by 1.
    Drain Force reduces cooldown of Annihilate when it hits a debuffed toon.

    Note that neither of those two abilities work exactly the way the toon we can use works. The playable version of Nihilus Basic attack only reduces the cooldown of Drain Force when it dispels, AND the playable version's Drain Force still has a 50% chance to increase cooldowns of people without debuffs. I'm actually glad the Devs removed the RNG in that one as to actually make Annihilate somewhat predictable based on the debuffs your team has.

    This is very helpful. I'm curious where you discovered it because I couldn't find that info when I read the raid mechanics on

    The priorities of Nihilus's abilities come from just watching and observing after A LOT of runs. The descriptions for Nihilus's skills are shown in the raid mechanics details in game. It doesn't explicitly state that non-debuffed enemies hit by Drain Force won't have their cooldowns increased, but theres no mention of it other than purely debuffed enemies unlike the description of the playable Nihilus we have.
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    To answer the questions for specifics:
    Guild GP- ~55M
    We’re doing T4 if the Sith Raid. It takes about a week, mostly because literally everyone in my guild hates it.

    I’ve given my specific complaints in the main thread, but here’s a rundown. Nihilus is entirely unpredictable. @Vertigo explained exactly how the description says he works. But, sometimes, you can do the math correctly, count the buffs/debuffs and use the shield at precisely the correct time. Annihilate is available and... he doesn’t use it. For NO REASON.

    Then here’s the other phases. Sure, we can do more dmg, but they aren’t fun. The unique buffs/debuffs don’t seem to matter. Cycles of pain/suffering are pointless. They make everyone stronger, but they don’t change anything about how you play. Whoopty do...

    Traya’s Isolate is absolutely pointless. I’ve read the description and it doesn’t affect how you play. Because due to their crazy high Tenacity, you can’t use the types of characters that would be hindered anyway.

    I’ve seen the videos. “Blue spaghetti team does 1.5M in Sith Raid.” And? 1.5M (or whatever) is not substantial. It’s just throwing “stuff” at the wall to see what sticks. Everyone is doing that. The super guilds with 50 JRT teams that have beaten the raid haven’t really figured anything out. They just have more teams to papercut it with.

    The raid is boring. Tedious. Unsatisfying. You never feel like you’ve achieved anything. You dread having to start a new one. That’s a problem.
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    Do a lower tier

    I don’t dread it. I look forward to trying different strategies to see how it fares

    Saying Traya’s mechanics don’t change the way you play may be the source of your frustration. Chex mix is a perfect example of using the mechanics of that phase to your advantage.
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    The only real problem I have with it is the barrier to earning Traya shards is so high. People are in a rush to earn them (myself included) and it means they can’t just enjoy a T4 raid. I don’t wish they would add 1-2 Traya shards as rewards for even lower tier raids. That would fix a lot of the complaints IMO as people would be more willing to battle at the appropriate level.
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    So if this is “end game” content, why are the rewards such absolute garbage. GS 5 and 6 rewards are not end game. That’s pandering.

    I’d prefer only normal and heroic modes like AAT/HAAT. 2 raids. Both locked by Guild Power.

    6 tiers with crap for payout is horrible for the work being put in.
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    Traya’s Isolate is absolutely pointless. I’ve read the description and it doesn’t affect how you play. Because due to their crazy high Tenacity, you can’t use the types of characters that would be hindered anyway.

    That's certainly not true. Isolate can be a killer on certain teams. For example, when running a JTRey team in p3, you are boned if isolate hits anyone other than r2. You have to strategize how to ensure that R2 gets hit -- stealth at the appropriate time for the first isolate, stand alone at the appropriate time for the second. Running a counter team? Can't counter if you're isolated. Running a healer? Well if the healer is isolated, they're only healing themselves. Troopers? Someone isn't gaining tm on kills by other troopers, getting buffs from Starck, or assisting on Veers' group attack....

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