Aurra Sing!

Okay, just to get it out of the way, yes, this is basically a repost, and if there's anyone who's upset about that, please, calm down and get the whining out of your system before I get comments complaining about how this is basically a repost...ok. So, this is basically my first character idea I've submitted into the forums, but after a while, I finally completed my thoughts. So, let's see how it goes! :)

Aurra Sing (Maxed)
Dark Side, Scoundrel, Bounty Hunter, Attacker
Vicious Bounty Hunter Attacker that can strip enemies of their defense and remove their Turn Meter

- Basic- DX-13 Blaster Pistols
- Deal Physical damage to target enemy with a 60% chance to deal damage to all other enemies,
dealing 40% less damage.

- Special- Czerka Adventurer Slugthrower Rifle (Cooldown: 3)
- Inflict Evasion Down on all enemies for 3 turns with a 20% chance to Expose all enemies for 2
turns. Debuff chances are increased by 20% for each active Bounty Hunter ally. Expose target
enemy again for 1 turn and deal Special damage to that enemy, then inflict Wanted for 4 turns,
which cannot be Evaded, Resisted, or Dispelled. This deals 10% more damage for each active
Bounty Hunter ally. Aurra has a 50% chance to gain 80% Turn Meter.
- Wanted on Characters: -100% Defense, -40% Evasion and Speed removes 40% Turn Meter
from a random ally at the start and end of their turns.
- Wanted on Raid Bosses:-75% Tenacity, -50% Potency, and -25% Counter Chance
-Description- Sniper Rifle

- Special- Vicious Onslaught (Alternate titles: It's Begun/Enough Talk/Time to See What You're Made
Of) (Cooldown: 4)
- Deal Special damage to all enemies and remove 30% Turn Meter. All allies gain 20% Turn
Meter, doubled for Bounty Hunter allies. All enemies have -30% Armor against this attack.

- Leader- Ruthlessness
- All allies gain 15% Potency and 30% Offense. These effects are doubled for Bounty Hunter
allies. Bounty Hunter allies gain 10% Turn Meter when a debuff is inflicted, gain 50% Turn Meter
and +5 Speed whenever a unit is defeated, and gain 10% Critical Chance (stacking) and 10%
Critical Damage (stacking) at the end of their turns until the end of the encounter.

- Unique- Rhen-Orm Biocomputer
- Aurra Sing gains 10% Accuracy for each active ally, 5% Critical Chance for each active
Scoundrel ally, and 5% Critical Damage for each active Bounty Hunter ally. In addition, she
gains 7% Evasion for each active enemy, 10% Health Steal for each active unit, takes reduced
damage from Percent Health damage effects, and has a 70% chance to gain Foresight and
Evasion Up for 1 turn whenever she takes damage.

Note: Maybe if the developers are interested in this idea, they could introduce her into the game like
(It's Begun...)

Thanks for reading, feel free to read my other submissions, and feedback is always appreciated! You have a super day! :smile:


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